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Toyota ProAce Electric Van Review

December 14th, 2022

The Toyota ProAce Electric Van at a glance

The Toyota ProAce is quite a new vehicle on the scene, only being released in July 2013 as a rebadged version of a Citroen Jumpy. It is a light commercial vehicle that is a very popular choice in Toyota’s arsenal, offering businesses a vehicle with plenty of storage and great performance. And then things turned electric…

First launching onto the scene in 2021, the Toyota ProAce Electric is the first all-electric passenger vehicle offered under the Toyota brand in Europe. Toyota isn’t especially known for vans, so the release of the ProAce and ProAce Electric came as a welcome surprise to customers who wanted something a bit bigger or more environmentally friendly than other Toyota vehicles.

Van Sales UK has put together this guide to the spec, features and performance you can expect from the Toyota ProAce Electric, so read on to find out more.

Engines and Spec

The Toyota ProAce Electric Van used a traction motor with an output of 100 kW and 260 Nm of torque. This battery can provide an average range of around 175 miles, depending on conditions and the battery option you go with. The 50kWh can drive just over 140 miles, while the 75kWh battery can get over 200 at a push.

The engine can deliver instant power and torque without the need for gear changes, making it just as fast as the diesel equivalents of the ProAce, easily reaching motorway speeds without delay. It also has more stable handling than other counterparts, and while the steering could be sharper, the handling more than makes up for it. It has great standard features built in, such as rear parking sensors and automatic headlights & windscreen wipers to help you drive to the best of your abilities.

There are three modes to choose from when driving. The Normal driving mode gives you a small amount of regenerative braking and is best for city driving, with a B mode button to let you increase this effect slightly. There is also Power mode, which is very helpful if you’re carrying a heavy payload. Finally, Eco mode is best for the environment but does decrease the power, torque and acceleration of the vehicle.


The ProAce Electric interior is very similar to the interior of the standard ProAce, but there are a few key differences. Firstly there are no gears, so the gear stick has been replaced by an easy-to-use switch that changes between forward and reverse with ease. The rev counter and fuel gauge have also been overhauled so you have a power metre and a battery charge level indicator instead.

One of the lovely benefits of the ProAce Electric interior is the seat material, finished with leather to show this electric model is top of the line. The rest of the interior is relatively comfortable, with a low ceiling and plenty of storage options. It has narrow windscreen pillars, greatly reducing your blind spots. The van comes with a 7-inch touchscreen system built in, with Bluetooth, smartphone mirroring and DAB radio, with simple shortcut buttons to navigate around it easily. The van also comes with both rear and side doors for easy access to the back.

The interior is quite spacious in terms of storage space, being able to transport over 1200kg on the model with the smaller battery. Like most electric vans the payload is hindered slightly due to the weight of the battery, but compared to other electric vehicles the dropoff on the ProAce Electric is quite minimal.

Pros & Cons


  • Ideal performance

  • Great visibility

  • Great payload


  • Steering could be sharper

  • Noisy

  • Not as many variants as other van brands.

The Verdict

Electric vans are a great choice if you want to drive a vehicle that is aiding the environment, while still getting amazing performance and cutting-edge technology. The Toyota ProAce Electric Van is no exception, offering a large payload and instant power that easily matches diesel and petrol alternatives.

When shopping for the Toyota ProAce Electric Van with Van Sales UK, you have a few options to choose from. First up we have the panel van body type, a great option for carrying plenty of cargo. This comes in both the L1 and L2 variants, so if you need a bit more space, we’d recommend the L2. We also have the crew van version, which adds an extra row of seats, perfect for carrying a workforce between destinations.

Shopping with Van Sales UK gets you free fast delivery nationwide, as well as excellent customer service and purchase options. Utilise leasing, finance or part exchange to get going with the electric van of your dreams today. Call now on 0117 205 2796 to find out more.


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