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Travelling by Van to France

April 6th, 2023

Whether you’re off on holiday or for work-related reasons, travelling by van to France can be incredibly exciting. The worries of a plane can be left far behind, with no concerns about vehicle hire on the other side awaiting you. You can simply sail through the UK and into France with barely any interruption, just a quick ferry ride.

Read on to find out more about travelling by van to France.

Travel Methods: UK To France

There are a few different ways to travel between the UK and France. First up is by air. France and the UK are fairly short and popular travel routes, so you will find that many airports in both countries will offer scheduled flights throughout the year.

The second option is the Eurostar, a high-speed rail service connecting the UK with France and further destinations. The trains travel through the Channel Tunnel underwater and can run at up to 200 miles per hour.

Dover Ferry To Calais

If you’re travelling by van to France, the best option to go for is the Dover Ferry to Calais. There are nearly 300 weekly ferry sailings from Dover to Calais, with a departure on average of about every 30 minutes. This ferry ride will take you from Dover to Calais in about an hour and a half, travelling approximately 50 km across the English Channel.

French Driving Laws & Requirements

Whenever you go to a different country than your original one, you need to carefully research to see how driving laws and requirements differ. One of the biggest is fairly well known, but in France, they drive on the right-hand side of the road instead of the left.

To drive in France you need to bring with you your full, valid UK driving licence, proof of ID like a passport, motor insurance certificate and a V5 registration document. Vehicles registered in the UK must display the letters UK when driven in France. This can be either on the number plate or using a sticker.

You are also required by law to have the following items:

  • Warning triangle
  • Spare bulbs (recommended but not mandatory)
  • Reflective jackets (one for each occupant)
  • Headlamp beam deflectors
  • Snow chains (snow chains are needed in the winter period in ‘snow zones’)
  • Safety helmets (for motorcyclists and their passengers)

Quality Vans From Van Sales UK

Planning a trip to France soon and need a great van for the occasion. Work with Van Sales UK to get your hands on hundreds of quality vans from top brands. We sell both diesel and electric vans in a variety of body types, so you can get a van that exactly meets your demands.

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