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Updated UK Driving Laws For 2022 You Should Know

May 23rd, 2022

With road safety legislation and vehicle laws constantly evolving, there is a need to stay updated on the latest adjustments, so you can maintain safe driving practices for 2022. Recognising the newest additions to the highway code and keeping yourself on top of any news regarding UK driving laws will give you the best chance of avoiding accidents and complying with the latest requirements. Plenty of changes to the highway code over the years have affected van drivers, and at Van Sales UK, we’re committed to making sure you always remain safe when working, commuting or travelling for the day. If you’re looking to buy a van or lease an electric van to get ahead of updated sustainability laws, we have a huge selection of options to browse, whether you work as a tradesperson or require a van for the hectic school run, we offer a diverse range of models from leading companies.

Continue reading for some of the most crucial 2022 UK driving laws and changes you need to take note of, including information on the road hierarchy and reviews of smart motorways.

Speed Limiters From July Onwards

One important change to take note of for later in the year is the introduction of speed limiters within any new vehicle manufactured from July onwards. Any new car sold within Europe after 2022 will be legally required to contain a speed limiter, stopping the driver from exceeding a particular set speed and boosting road safety in the process. It is hoped that this change will reduce accidents in which an individual was driving irresponsibly.

Smart Motorways Paused

Smart motorways have come under some scrutiny following a government enquiry, and for these reasons, their rollout has been paused for the time being. Smart motorways are designed to monitor traffic flow and vary the number of live lanes to minimise congestion, however, they have no hard shoulder for drivers to use in the event of a breakdown, raising some concerns. This pause in smart motorway developments is anticipated to last for five years.

Altered Road Hierarchy

A change which will no doubt affect drivers of electric vans and conventional petrol vehicles is the wholesale change to road hierarchy being enforced this year. Changes to the highway code in January 2022 give greater priority to pedestrians and cyclists, with drivers now advised to give way if pedestrians are waiting to cross the road. Likewise, cyclists have to give way to pedestrians on shared cycle paths when possible.

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