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Van Sales UK scores a perfect 10 for Wring Group

March 22nd, 2022

Demolition expert Wring Group turned to independent supplier Van Sales UK for a new fleet, with a rapid lead time that knocked down all competitors.

The Bristol-based operator needed 10 small vans urgently, to replace aging vehicles that were becoming uneconomical to keep on the road. Van Sales UK pulled out all the stops to source and supply the fleet to a very tight timeframe.

Director Dean Wring explained: “We run 25 vans of various sizes but these smaller vehicles are our day-to-day workhorses, and vital to keep our operation running smoothly. They’re used by plant machinery operators and supervisors to get to and from sites, and for a host of other requirements.

“Some of the vans we had been using were reaching an age where they were giving us problems, so we needed replacements and could not afford to wait a long time to get them in. I spoke to several suppliers, including manufacturers’ franchised dealers, but none could provide what I needed anywhere near as quickly as Van Sales UK.”

Now all in service, the vans are Citroen Berlingo BlueHDi models with 1.5-litre engines, which each generates 100ps. Their specification includes air-conditioning, Bluetooth connectivity, rear parking sensors, cruise control, and touch screen displays. Each has a third passenger seat and a protective bulkhead with a load hatch for carrying long items.

“We’ve had Berlingo vans before and they suit our needs well – but there are other, equally good vehicles on the market,” said Mr Wring. “That’s why the choice of brand was less important than finding a supplier who could provide the vehicles we wanted quickly, and with minimum fuss.

“We’ve dealt with Van Sales UK before, so were not surprised when they gave by far the keenest response to our request. As ever, their Sales Executive Stuart Meale came back very fast with a highly competitive quote, and the order was processed extremely smoothly – all done over the phone, without me needing to leave my desk.

“The vehicles were delivered to our premises in perfect condition, exactly as ordered – including full interior plywood lining – within less than three weeks from my initial inquiry. That’s exemplary service,” he added.

Family-owned Wring Group was established in 1926 by Sydney Joseph Wring, the grandfather of current Directors Dean and John Wring. The company carries out a wide range of demolition, decontamination, and waste management services, including asbestos removal, across the UK. In addition to its vans, the Wring Group fleet includes 20 trucks and 50 pieces of plant machinery.

Van Sales UK, a division of parent company Vanaways, is an internet-based business. With no shiny showroom or yard full of vans waiting to be sold, overheads are kept to a minimum. Its sales experts work over phone and email networks, taking inquiries and orders and matching customers up with their perfect vehicle selections without ever needing to have contact with either. The company has been trading since 2017 and now supplies an average of 250 vans per month to customers across Britain.

Director Chris Jakeways said: “We can source any vehicle a customer wants, but for many people these days the brand of their new van is not a primary concern – especially as, under the skin, in some cases, two or even three models from different manufacturers can be nearly identical.

“What’s more important is to make the process of getting that new van on the road as painless as possible. That’s where we score, by cutting the number of steps a vehicle takes between rolling off the production line and arriving at the customer’s premises, and by slashing time-consuming paperwork.”

Impressed: that’s Van Sales UK customer Dean Wring


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