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Van Security: Tips for Keeping Your Van Safe

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March 24th, 2022

Vans and their contents are vitally important to the operations of many businesses, so an incident of theft, vandalism or a break-in can have serious consequences. The team at Van Sales UK have put together this van security guide to help you protect both your van and everything inside it, be that goods, tools or equipment.

Upgrade the locks after you buy a van

Would-be thieves have no problem finding the lockpicking tools they need to tackle most standard, manufacturer-fitted van locks. Swapping out the standard locks for more complex – and therefore harder-to-crack – locks can reduce the chances of potential thieves successfully gaining entry to your van.

Additionally, you can fit van door security plates or van wiring loom guards to protect the area around the lock against drilling attacks. You can also install other types of locks, such as slam locks and deadlocks, which make gaining entry harder.

Protect valuable items with extra security measures

The only way to guarantee that something won’t be stolen from your van is to not leave it inside the vehicle. However, this isn’t always a practical solution. Instead, you could install an extra layer of security inside your van to keep your tools and equipment safe.

These security measures can range from an on-board security box right through to a full van security cage. With internal locks and extra metalwork, these measures are almost like having another van within your van – twice the protection means twice the work for any would-be thieves.

You could also fit electronic security devices, such as alarms or dashcams that stream to your smartphone. These devices need not be expensive, can be fitted in minutes, and can work wonders in deterring would-be thieves.

While these measures can’t provide 100% security, they will certainly slow criminals down, which provides valuable extra time to allow you or passers-by to contact the police or intervene, or the thieves may even give up entirely.

Pay attention to your parking

Where you choose to park your van can make a big difference to how vulnerable it is to vehicle theft or content theft. Many van drivers choose to park close to walls or other obstructions that prevent potential thieves from being able to access vulnerable areas of the van. If they are unable to reach the doors or open them due to limited access, they won’t be able to get into the van.

If there are no obstructions available, try to park in a brightly lit area that tends to be busy enough for a break-in to be risky. It’s also a good idea to park in view of CCTV cameras – this can provide valuable evidence should the thief be successful, or it might even deter them completely.

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