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Van Wear And Tear And How To Prevent It

April 6th, 2023

When acquiring a van in 2023, the process is often far from a simple one. Deciding upon brand, sustainability and mileage, alongside lease or outright purchase options – there are more than enough recommended selections to ponder. Wear and tear is  a commonality, and contrary to popular belief, even the most responsible and careful road-users can sustain damage to their automobile.

Allow the experts at Van Sales UK to guide you through some of the most prominent vehicle maintenance tips and ways to lessen routine damage, and prevent costly repairs.

Driving Responsibly

Responsible driving is the bare minimum if you’re looking to safeguard the condition of a leased or newly acquired van. As tempting as it may be to continue with those routine driving habits, taking the the roads recklessly can often spell trouble. Whether scratching and damaging the underside of a vehicle by driving quickly over potholes and speed bumps, or taking minimal care when driving in crowded inner-city areas, the easiest way to prevent damage is by complying with routine  legislation on the roads.

Routine Van Maintenance

Regularly having your van checked for underlying issues is essential, even if the problems aren’t immediately noticeable when driving. Many routine vehicle problems will accumulate under the surface, and eventually require repairs which can set you back thousands. Used vans supplied directly by Van Sales UK come fully checked over by our team, so if you’re looking to acquire a commercial or family vehicle, you can rest assured that our choices have been checked over extensively.

Regular Cleaning

Buildups of dirt, dust and other substances from the roads can accumulate and cause further issues, such as cloggages, material damage and more. Regularly cleaning the exterior of your van will prevent such buildups over time, while the desirable appearance of your vehicle will remain if you take care to polish and regularly scrub your van. Accumulated mess on the surface of a vehicle can damage paint and furthermore corrode the surface – certainly a form of vehicle wear and tear which is expensive to rectify.

Time For A Replacement?

Appearance declining is one thing, but if your van has noticeably dropped in performance, it may be time for an upgrade. Safety may be compromised in some cases, therefore acquiring a van from one of the nation’s leading providers will offer all manner of perks. Lower mileage is to be expected, while a newer van model will excel in terms of features. With automotive technology constantly evolving, you will find that the older your model, the more you will be deprived of technology.

Boasting  hundreds of brand new diesel, petrol and electric vans, alongside quality used vans, there are plenty of vehicles to choose from both online and  at our dedicated Bristol van showroom.  Take advantage of part exchange,  low rate finance offers, and nationwide delivery services when you opt for Van Sales UK – just a phone call or click away, and happy to answer your questions.


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