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Vauxhall Combo-e Electric Van Review

December 6th, 2022

Vauxhall Combo-e Van At A Glance

With electric vehicles always growing in popularity, and plenty of household name manufacturers updating their existing diesel and petrol models to accommodate, the age of the e-variant is upon us. Vauxhall’s take on the firm favourite Combo van is a remarkably nimble and practical work van, retaining most features of the original non-electric vehicle, with added sustainability. A sleek, sporty finish makes the e-Combo one of the more aesthetically pleasing vans on the market, while the average payload and range are only a minor blemish counting the fantastic features beside.

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of long-range, low-noise driving, browse electric Vauxhall Combo vans within the Van Sales UK online catalogue, with this practical and road-ready small city van built for just about any journey you can think of. A fantastic option for tradespeople looking for a first-time electric vehicle, or individuals in need of an economical van fleet, Electric vans generally cost 30% less in terms of maintenance – with less moving parts and less wear on the brakes. The Combo electric even frees you from fluctuating fuel prices and pricey vehicle taxes, with the potential for money to be saved long-term thanks to low running costs.

Read on for our detailed thoughts on this fantastic Vauxhall city van, including insight on driver monitoring features, payload, specs and even applicability within city clean air zones

Engines and Spec

Without an engine to speak of, the sustainable Vauxhall Combo e-Van is powered by a 100kw motor, providing enough power to navigate rolling hills, winding city streets and any other location your job takes you to. With the driver in mind, we were satisfied with the range of up to 152 miles that this Vauxhall van retains, although there are similarly priced small vans on the market which are superior in this particular metric. The range isn’t awful by any stretch however, and should be satisfactory for a day on the roads – ready to be charged overnight.

When it comes to charging your new, used or finance leased Vauxhall electric van, 80% charge can be attained within just 30 minutes if required, with plenty of juice to take you from A to B. Much less expensive than refuelling your vehicle, charging is a hassle-free way to top up. Instead of a gear stick within the central cab column, this van instead carries an easy-to-use switch device, promising three driving modes for easy travel regardless of terrain. Indeed, if you’re travelling through the open roads of the countryside, stuck in inner-city traffic or even towing a trailer with the 750kg towing capacity, the e-Combo is as smooth as expected.


Continuity is favoured here, with an Interior layout identical to the diesel version of this Combo van. This is good news, as the interior cab space of the classic design is popular among owners. Interior features are varied, with safety solutions, boredom-busting tech and convenience all favoured. The Combo electric’s data monitoring systems are a headline feature, giving drivers a detailed overview and a handy projection of local driving conditions, range and energy usage.

The e-Combo drives exactly like standard Combo vehicles, with comfortable adjustable seating, and an overall well-settled ride. Including a modern cab area which puts everything you need at your fingertips, the large 8-inch colour touchscreen places all of your controls and buttons right where you need them, while the screen is large enough to be clearly seen by passengers. Other standard features include automatic lighting control with daytime running lights, electronic cruise control functionality, rear parking distance sensors, and air conditioning.

Storage & Payload

It would be unnecessary to expect the world when it comes to the payload of a smaller van, and with 803kg of possible cargo capacity, the Combo-e variant is fairly standard. With a conventionally shaped rear interior loading space, the available room is boosted by the obscured battery – tucked under the floor to keep the loading bay the same size and shape as the regular Combo.

A single sliding side door and hinged double doors at the rear give you access to the rear storage compartment, while variants add a second sliding side door. Six load lashing points are available for secure cargo transport, while the spacious cargo bay measures 1,229mm between the wheel arches, with a maximum loading width of 1,630mm. Ticking plenty of boxes in terms of rear space and secure storage, this van deserves the title of ‘all rounder’.

Pros & Cons


  • Desirable Vauxhall design.

  • Features are varied and show driver consideration.

  • Cheaper to maintain and run.


  • Payload could be higher if we’re being fussy.

  • A bulkier larger van may be better-suited for work tasks.

  • Range is average.

The Verdict

In summary, the Vauxhall e-Combo is a fantastic option for those purchasing their first electric van for work or personal use. Quality features and inexpensive running costs are appealing for all, while the attractive design and in-cab tech choices make this versatile electric van worth a look. To discover all the electric Vauxhall Combo has to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Van Sales UK. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have and, if you’re unsure, we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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