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Vauxhall Combo Van Review

July 21st, 2023

The Vauxhall Combo Van at a glance

Your choice of vehicle for your business can say a lot about you and what your company has to offer. It can make a great first impression, promote how sustainable your business is and even save you money on running costs. Therefore it is very important to make the best choice when it comes to your work van.

Here at Van Sales UK, we are very passionate about finding the right vans for each of our customers, which is why we offer hundreds of choices for you to choose from, including fleets of vans if needed. This is why we have created these guides for some of the various vans we stock, telling you the best features of each vehicle and what jobs/industries they are best suited for.

Today we will be taking a closer look at the Vauxhall Combo, a reliable light commercial vehicle that is extremely popular in the UK.

Engines and Spec

The Vauxhall Combo van is a popular panel van that has been one of Vauxhall’s biggest draws for business customers. The vehicle is a great drive with a range of diesel engines to suit your mileage and payload choice. As well as this it has a 1.2L petrol engine option that features innovative start/stop technology and a turbocharger for a punchy drive.

The van offers excellent fuel consumption and the diesel options can even come equipped with a 8-speed automatic transmission if needed. Apart from this, the regular options come with a 6-speed manual transmission. An automatic transmission is great for businesses who stop and start a lot while working, as this produces less pollution and increases fuel economy.

The Vauxhall Combo is a great drive, with plenty of suspension that can help to soak up bumps in the road so you are comfortable. This makes it a great vehicle to drive on both country roads that might not be the most smooth and urban settings that might be plagued by speed bumps and potholes.

The Vauxhall Combo is a great vehicle for a business to be run out of, giving you enough space in the back to store everything you might need, while also being easy to drive in different settings.


As mentioned above, the Vauxhall Combo boasts a cosy interior that will make driving a breeze. The padded seats ensure you are not affected by exterior driving conditions, while the cabin itself is spacious, perfect if you need to perform tasks from your vehicle while working.

There are a series of features of this vehicle designed to make it as comfortable a ride as possible. The driver-focused dash angles the centre controls towards you, reducing the need to stretch to reach them. It also has an adjustable steering wheel and ergonomic controls, designed to make sure everything is in the exact right place for you.

The Vauxhall Combo also has a touchscreen infotainment system on everything above the basic trim, with an 8-inch touchscreen that is easy to read and operate. The standard model instead has a monochrome display with simple-to-adjust controls for the radio, USB socket and Bluetooth.

It is always best for drivers to be comfortable in their vehicles, especially if the van is the primary space an employee will be. An uncomfortable van might reduce productivity and not allow somebody to deliver a high standard of productivity.

Pros & Cons


  • Plenty of options

  • Large payload ratings

  • Comfortable drive


  • Base model quite basic

  • Optional safety kit

  • Limited body types

The Verdict

Overall we think the Vauxhall Combo is the ideal vehicle for a small business that is looking to move a small amount of cargo around. This makes it a perfect choice if you’re running a business from your van, such as a handyman, dog groomer or mobile barber. It is a great choice if you want to carry a small amount of cargo between places, but if you’re looking to carry large goods, a longer-length option might be needed.

Now that you’ve found out a bit more about the Vauxhall Combo, shop for one today with Van Sales UK. We currently stock three different variants of the Vauxhall Combo in two different trims and two different lengths, so you can shop for the perfect choice for you and your business.

We are also proud to stock the electric version of the Combo, the Vauxhall Combo-e. This is available as a panel van in two different lengths, as well as a crew van option if you are looking to transport employees around.

Why shop with Van Sales UK you might ask? Well, we can offer you free fast delivery nationwide, so you can get the van or vans you need quickly! As well as this we are able to provide great deals on warranty and free breakdown cover. You can pay for your vehicle in a range of methods, such as part exchanges and competitive finance rates available.

If you’d like to find out more about the Vauxhall Combo or Van Sales UK in general, get in touch today.


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