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Vauxhall Monovo Tipper Review

Vauxhall Monovo Tipper
September 26th, 2022

The Vauxhall Monovo Tipper at a Glance

The Vauxhall Monovo Tipper first went on sale in 2010, but in 2019 it was given a facelift to advance its features and improve its capabilities – making it a great choice for many prospective buyers. It has long held a reputation of being a great large van with a high payload, so it is perfectly suited for big jobs whether on the construction site or transporting around town.

It offers a similar platform and structure to the Renault Master and the Nissan NV400. As a 3,500kg vehicle, the highest van you can drive on a standard licence, it isn’t the most sophisticated but it does offer an impressive payload. It isn’t one of the UK’s best-selling vans, however, it is still considered an impressive vehicle and will get the job done. Its build quality is consistent and it can carry higher payloads than many of its rivals. It also follows the Euro 6d emission standards, so you can have peace of mind when purchasing this van.

Engine & Spec

The latest version of the Vauxhall Monovo Tipper is considerably more advanced with a higher torque in the 2.3-litre engine. This gives it a powerful drive and ensures you are able to transport heavy payloads with ease. With a quieter and more refined engine, you’ll be able to enjoy a much smoother ride. Depending on whether you opt for a front- or rear-wheel drive, you can achieve different power options. Front-wheel drives can offer 133bhp, 148bhp or 178bhp whereas rear-wheel drive gives you 128bhp, 142bhp and 163bhp.

You can choose front- or rear-wheel drive based on the van’s intended use. If you aim to tow higher payloads, you may opt for the front-wheel drive 148bhp engine. This will give you 284 Nm of torque which is plenty for many different types of jobs. If you need a van at a lower price point, the twin-turbo engine offers a generous 133bhp and is perfectly suited if you don’t intend on operating near the maximum payload.


The interior of the Monovo is very impressive, with an array of storage compartments and cubbies to fit all of your items. You can make use of the rotating laptop table on top of the fold-down middle seat if you need to use the van as a mobile office while on the road. It’s a high step up into the cab but this offers excellent visibility, ensuring a safer drive with a clear view of the upcoming road. The driver’s seat is one of luxury, with a six-way adjustable seat with an armrest that fits perfectly alongside steering-column-mounted audio controls, electric windows and an aux and a USB interface with Bluetooth connectivity.

You can opt for some added extras such as air-conditioning, full climate control, cruise control and a digital tachograph. You can usually find options packs that offer a better value for money. Advanced options include a sat-nav with a remote monitor, enhanced audio with Bluetooth and aux input and four 20W speakers and an air-suspended driver’s seat.

Pros & Cons


  • High payloads
  • Strong engine
  • Improved model


  • Newer rivals are more comfortable
  • Average fuel economy

The Verdict

Overall, the Vauxhall Monovo Tipper is an excellent option for many heavy-duty jobs. The high payload makes it an ideal van for transporting heavy goods and materials and will suit many fleets. Whether this is your first van or you’re adding to many, you won’t be disappointed with the impressive drive from Vauxhall. Along with a high payload, you have plenty of space to store or transport items and the robust engine will keep going for a long time. For those more environmentally conscious, Vauxhall has also released the Monovo-e electric van, helping you cut down on emissions.

It does lack some comfort and a smooth drive, especially when compared to its rivals. However, at a reasonable price, this van offers a lot of power, making it a great choice for many business owners. It comes in at £29,995 + VAT or £419 per month + VAT from Van Sales UK. For an excellent deal on your new Vauxhall Monovo Tipper, get in touch with the team at Van Sales UK. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help match you with the ideal van. Call us today on 0117 205 2656.


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