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Vauxhall Movano-e Electric Luton Review

January 12th, 2023

The Movano-e Luton at a glance

Over the last ten years or so electric vehicles have been rapidly rising in popularity. Of course, this is largely thanks to increased knowledge and awareness of climate change for which we all must do our bit to prevent. However, another contributing factor to the electric vehicles’ meteoric rise is the unwavering progression in technology. There is no doubt that over the last few years car manufacturers have started to really crack the code when it comes to carbon-free vehicles and electric cars are now incredibly capable. The electric van however has taken a touch more time than the car to develop.

Naturally, this is down to the larger size and weight so batteries must be more powerful and last longer to be viable for use in a van. Quite understandably, this has meant that until very recently, electric vans were simply out of the question. Too slow, too unreliable, and too expensive. That is how you may well have described an electric van a few years ago. However, the Movano-e changes all of that. This van has a brilliant range for a large payload van and has the potential to really blow you away.

Engines and Spec

Right, let’s get down to the fun statistics. When it comes to power, we’re sure you’re aware that electric vehicles really are brilliant. But why are they so quick? Well, the answer to that really is quite simple. It all comes down to torque. The electric motor in these vehicles produces almost instant torque which makes their of-the-line speed second to none. With the Movano-e this is no different and you’ll certainly feel the power of this van as soon as you put your foot on the accelerator.

You may think this kind of power in a luton van is a touch over the top perhaps. Though, in fact, you would be quite wrong on this front. Lutons are cargo vans, designed to carry large heavy loads from A to B with little hassle, issues, or complaints. So, to achieve this task with confidence and efficiency you need a van that can power huge loads and transport heavy cargo with ease. Naturally then, you’ll need plenty of power and there’s no shortage of it in the Movano-e. The motor produces 122 bhp and a staggering 260 Nm of torque.


The interior of a van has no need for flashy details or expensive materials. In fact, with a luton style van, it’s better to have a simple but practical interior. After all, you and your team will most likely spend a large amount of time lifting loads into the van. So, the fewer things that can get damaged the better. The Movano-e does have a great interior for the job though and owners will likely be pleasantly surprised by both the comfort and space within the cab.

You’ll also have plenty of storage within the cab of the Movano so you can securely store your tools and other valuable items in the van. Often in the modern van market, these areas are left ignored or compromised for other more superficial additions. Though with the Movano-e Luton Vauxhall has not cut any corners. So, you’ll have an adaptable and comfortable van.

Pros & Cons


  • Good range
  • Large load space
  • Great torque and power stats


  • More expensive than the petrol option
  • Charging times
  • Minimal upgrade options

The Verdict

In short, the all-electric Movano-e Luton is a brilliant option for those of you that spend a lot of time moving cargo from one place to another. It’s no secret now that Vauxhall has created a brilliant range of electric vehicles and they certainly know a thing or two about vans. The Movano-e luton is unquestionably one of the most capable and reliable vans the car manufacturer has ever built and it will certainly last you many years to come. After all, this van is built to stand the test of time and handle anything you can throw at it. Certainly, you won’t be disappointed that you’ve made the move to electric power.

So, if the Movano-e Luton sounds like the next van for you then feel free to contact us today. Our staff are extremely experienced in the industry and can help you decide on the right options for you.


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