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Vauxhall Movano Luton vs Vauxhall Movano-e Electric Luton

January 17th, 2023

Vauxhall are among the most trusted  vehicle suppliers within The United Kingdom, with a steady output of quality car and van releases over the last few decades. Be it a bulky passenger vehicle with enough room for a crew of tradespeople, or a market-leading EV with fast-charge capabilities, the manufacturer always delivers quality. The Movano Luton and corresponding electric Movano-e Luton are the subject of this overview – and though the original Movano range was only launched recently (2010), facelifts in 2019 and 2022 saw some major additions and tweaks, putting these two up there with the very best large vans available.

Adaptability is the name of the game, and there are plenty of options available to tailor the Movano-e and base Movano van to specific requirements. One of these options is the bulky and efficient Luton conversion, with plenty of additional overhead storage room as one would expect. The Movano-e was the first large Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) from the brand to be available as a fully-electric variant, seemingly ideal for those new to driving EVs. The preset driving modes are easy to control, and fast-charge functionality makes for a rapid top-up. While both large vans come loaded with a range of additional features, we’ll cover specifications and interior details further down this page.

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Engines and Spec

You may be weighing up your options when it comes to an EV variant for several different reasons, though there;s much more than outright cost and fuel expenses to consider. Electric vehicles are more in-demand than ever, so why not get ahead of the curve? Featuring a handy 90kW motor and capable of reaching speeds of up to 75mph, the Movano-e Luton is certainly no slouch, and retains many of the specifications which made the original such a hit.

The electric conversion benefits from the lithium battery pack being located under the floor away from the load area, meaning less obstruction, and more room to stash materials and equipment. Interested in learning more about the standalone Movano-e van? Take a look at our dedicated review, weighing up the pros and cons of this EV.

Back to the traditional diesel Movano van, and the 2.2-litre engine is easily capable of a 165hp output, with 370nm of torque ideal for towing. A hefty 2100kg payload capacity matches that of the electric variant, though you can upgrade to a larger Vauxhall Movano which is able to contain even more weight internally. Though these large vans may prove somewhat of a hindrance when it comes to navigating city streets and winding roads, for the most part, we experienced no such issues. The tallest van clocks in at a towering 2000mm, with floor-to-ceiling doors allowing for unprecedented cargo access.

To summarise the specific performance  metrics, the Movano-e’s commendable driving range of 154 miles per charge is higher than the daily average mileage in urban areas, making for a satisfying overall capacity. When you do need to fill this van back up, it can be charged overnight from 0-80% charge in as little as an hour when using a 50kWh public fast charger. Boasting an exceptional maximum payload for an EV, there’s plenty of value to be found.


The typical diesel Movano is ideal for tradespeople, with a fantastic cab space  decked out with technology and an abundance of legroom. Adjustable seating and air conditioning come as standard features, while you can store your essentials within the additional cab storage. Perhaps one of the only flaws found when using this van and the electric alternative, the handling can be tricky at times, though this is somewhat unavoidable with larger vans.

Integrated within the Movano-e is a handy driver assistance system allowing individuals to set their mode, and take to the roads. You simply need to push a button (Drive, Neutral or Reverse) in order to choose the driving mode, and this should handle the conditions specified. Not only are there some smart dashboard features, but comfort options have been well thought-out. And the touchscreen infotainment display has a built-in navigation system, though small in size.

Very quiet to drive and a joy to test out, the original non-electric Movano review can be found here, with additional detail on the specs and interior tech of this trusty van. Any questions remaining about working with Van Sales UK? Consult our handy FAQ page.

The Verdict/Snapshot

Though large vans aren’t for everyone, Vauxhall have pulled out all the stops here to make their Movano vehicles as accessible as possible to tradespeople and city commuters alike. The drawbacks are few and far between, and with the Movano-e retaining many of the positive features we loved so much, you may have a tough time deciding between the two.

A handy glimpse into the future of large commercial EVs, if you would like to enquire about the Vauxhall Movano Luton or Vauxhall Movano-e Luton at Van Sales UK, simply contact our friendly team. We would be delighted to help!


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