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Vauxhall Movano Tipper vs Vauxhall Movano-e Electric Tipper

January 24th, 2023

There is no denying that the rise of electric cars shows no sign of slowing down. In fact, electric vehicles are now so refined that they have become a genuine contender with petrol and diesel models in regard to practicality, speed, and value for money. So, seeing as electric vans are now more than capable, we need to review these vehicles against their more traditional counterparts.

Naturally, there are some van owners that may feel compelled to switch to electric models. Climate change is of course a huge concern to us all and many people may feel that an electric vehicle is the first step they can take to improve their carbon footprint. Of course, this is incredibly commendable and fighting climate change is undeniably important. However, some drivers may want to understand a few more of the positives and negatives before they make a decision. So, keep reading this blog to find out which model is best for you!

Engines and Spec

Right, let’s start with the diesel model. These vans all come fitted with Vauxhalls 2.3- litre engine which has a variety of different power options. Future owners can choose from a 133, 148 and 178bhp front-wheel drive option and a 128, 143, and 163bhp option. Clearly then whether you go for the front-wheel drive van or the rear-wheel drive option, you certainly won’t be short on power. Of course, power is incredibly important for large vans and especially tippers as high payloads are often carried in these vehicles which require a huge amount of energy to transport. So, how does the electric model compare?

The Movano e-Tipper’s 90kW electric motor produces a commendable 122hp and 260 Nm of torque. This is more than enough for this van and will certainly provide you with the power you’ll need to get loads to and from the site. So, regarding the engine, the two really are quite similar. Though if you’re carrying full loads for long distances, you might just fall on the side of the diesel option.


The interior for both of these vans really is impeccable and you certainly won’t be disappointed with whichever model you choose. Vauxhall’s modern range of vans has everything from large storage areas to up-to-date technology. So, which is best for you? The electric or the diesel?

The standard diesel option has a spacious well designed interior which boasts many benefits that most van users will love to see. There is plenty of storage space throughout the cab with many secure lockers to keep your valuables safe. What’s more, the driving position is brilliant and the visibility from this position is incredibly safe. You will also find a rotating laptop table so you can get your paperwork done while you’re on the site and a USB interface with Bluetooth capabilities.

As for the electric model, it follows a very similar vein to the diesel option. Again there is plenty of storage and you certainly won’t be disappointed by the driving position. With this model, you’ll also get access to the MyVauxhall app which shows you vital information such as the nearest charging stations, your current charge and live traffic information.

The Verdict/Snap shot

As for running costs, there is only one winner here. The Movano-e runs completely on electric power which is completely free at charging stations and will cost very little to charge from home. What’s more, up until 2025 you will not have to pay any road tax and if you find yourself in London or other large cities which have low emission zones you won’t ever need to pay a penny!

The payload of the diesel option is slightly more capable than the electric model however the Movano-e can still handle a commendable 2,100kg. So, whichever van you choose the Movano Tipper will certainly be able to handle everything you throw at it.

Vauxhalls Movano Tipper is a brilliant van and whichever model you believe is right for you here at Van Sales UK we can help. We have many years of experience in the industry and can certainly help you choose the right van. So, contact our experienced and friendly staff today and we’ll guide you through the process.


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