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Volkswagen Crafter Dropside Review

April 20th, 2023

The Volkswagen Crafter Dropside at a glance

Many people require the use of a van as part of their job for the loading practicalities that it provides. Of course, just as there are different trades, there are different types of van body types that may be individually suited to these. One such is the dropside van, which is ideal for many hands on workers such as landscapers, groundworkers, fencers and roofers – all of whom work with large and heavy pieces of equipment and materials.

If this sounds like you and you’re looking for a van built for the job and the journey, then the Volkswagen Crafter Dropside may be the van for you. Available with two different wheelbases, three load bed lengths (between 3,450mm-4,300mm) and two cab sizes, in this review we’ll discuss how the Crafter Dropside performs in comparison to your realistic needs. Read on below to find out more.

Engines and Spec

All Crafter Dropsides come with a 2.0-litre diesel engine available in either 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission, with an average fuel consumption of 27.9mpg between all the configuration options and transmissions. In terms of power, you can expect a maximum torque of 340 Nm, which is aided thanks to the front-wheel drive, making it convenient to drive in all kinds of traffic and locations, whether urban or remote.

As for payload, this varies between the cabs and wheelbases. For the standard single cab with medium wheelbase, you can expect a payload of 1,279kg, while the long wheelbase offers 1,199kg and the double cab with long wheelbase offers 1,069kg. Though these figures are lower than some of the other dropside vans on the market, they are still sufficiently generous.

If you are an independent landscaper or groundworker who takes on local and/or domestic jobs compared to larger, industrial contracts, then you should have no trouble carrying and transporting all the equipment and materials you need to get your job done.


Volkswagen have partnered with conversion specialists Ingimex to create their versatile Crafter Dropside body. Firstly, the option for a long wheelbase is imperative for many people, especially those such as roofers or fencers who may require more space to fit longer items such as ladders, scaffolding or fence posts without these sticking out of the dropside body or having to be balanced precariously against the bulkhead.

The need for loads to be safely secured has certainly been accounted for, with a 15mm thick phenolic resin birch non-slip deck to ensure that all your important tools and equipment (such as drills, hammers, shovels etc.) don’t slide around all over the place when you’re accelerating, breaking and/or turning corners, which could otherwise cause them or your work materials damage.

Taking this further, there are recessed lashing rings tested to 800kg, a three-level load lashing bolted assembly with 400kg gantry capacity and the board and lock assemblies have been tested to a burst load of 1.7 tonnes. All this offers you peace of mind that any large and/or heavy items can be adequately secured whilst you’re driving, so you won’t have to worry about aggregates or turf spilling everywhere, or fence poles or roof tiles breaking out and hitting the vehicle behind you.

Comfort and practicality inside the cabin is not foregone, either, as there is extensive storage space that is ideal for storing all your paraphernalia and ‘admin’ items (if you are self-employed), along with a standard USB port for phone charging, DAB radio with Bluetooth connection, multiple 12V sockets and the option for a heated multifunctional leather steering wheel for optimum comfort and entertainment when driving.

Pros & Cons


  • Multiple loading space options depending on requirements for trade.
  • Specialist dropside body with secure lashing options.
  • Class-leading safety features.


  • Payload rating could be better compared to some other dropside vans on the market.
  • Only available in FWD, not as ideal for those who need to navigate sites with rough/uneven terrain for their work.

The Verdict

Whether you work in landscaping or roofing, if you’re looking for a van that can securely carry your work equipment and materials all whilst being easily accessible to load and unload so that you can complete the job with maximum efficiency, then the Crafter Dropside may be ideal for you – especially if you work freelance or are self-employed and don’t have access to a whole fleet of vans to complete larger scale jobs!

Brand new, the Crafter Dropside ranges from £46,230 to £52,572 depending on configuration. Of course, this is a lot to pay outright, especially given the current cost of living situation everyone is faced with, which is why you should consider financing your van with Van Sales UK.

We understand that when you need it for work, having the ideal van cannot be compromised. We currently have the Volkswagen Crafter Dropside available from £359 plus VAT, complete with 3 year manufacturer’s warranty and free breakdown cover.

Enquire now for more information and a member of our team will be happy to help. We also welcome part exchange!


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