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Volkswagen Crafter Luton Review

Volkswagen Crafter Luton
September 26th, 2022

The Volkswagen Crafter Luton is one of many brilliant Volkswagen vehicles to be released and supplied by the team at Van Sales UK, and within this review, we’ll cast our eye over the notable advantages, disadvantages and unique features of this versatile van, before giving a final verdict. One of the most popular manufacturers around, Volkswagen are perhaps best known for their comprehensive designs and useability, continuing that trend with this multifunctional vehicle. Benefit from an array of impressive technical specifications, safety and tech features, as well as – of course – plentiful storage for the materials and tools of your choice. Easily one of the best options if you require a Luton or multiple vans that exceed expectations across the board, read on for the details.

Volkswagen claims that the Crafter Luton is “designed by customers for customers”, and this is clear from the impressive attention-to-detail, fantastic interior and effortlessly smooth driving experience. Available with an optional taillift, as well as an array of other choice additions, Volkswagen are even the first manufacturer to include front assist with city emergency braking across their entire van range, setting new standards in road safety. Not only this, the whole body is designed to the latest European design standards, whether a used or brand new model.

As is the case with Luton vans, extra storage and the ability to contain larger or heavier loads should be top of the agenda, and with a larger payload, powerful engine, and surprisingly easy handling for a sizable van, practicality is never neglected despite the lengthy feature list. Overhead additional storage space makes for an increased payload and a design which wastes very little space, giving you the opportunity to use the van as a mobile storage unit, road-ready transport solution or however else required. For a Luton design worth considering in 2022, you could do a lot worse than Volkswagen’s innovative and original Crafter variant.

Engines and Spec

The Crafter Luton is a manual diesel van with desirable 2.0 engine, taillift and storage capacity worth shouting about. The engine is ideal for city or country driving, providing enough power to navigate from location to location with relative ease. An internal length of 4119mm, width of 2100mm and  height of 2120mm can be fixed up with everything you need, including storage options, extra seating and more. Perhaps the most notable drawback among the many impressive specifications is the noticeably high fuel consumption – which is to be expected from an aerodynamic but admittedly large Luton Van. Expectations for fuel consumption vary between 28.8mpg and 24.6mpg, though this is of course dependent on a number of factors.

The Volkswagen Crafter is everything you would expect from a vehicle supplied by the best, fuss-free and possessing specifications in-line with other Lutons. From the box design, to above-average payload, and features for adaptable use,  there’s everything you need from a Luton within this particular design, though the unavoidable costs of maintaining such a van should be factored in for any tradesperson or business owner.


Things get interesting in the interior, with a selection of appealing features for casual drivers, those busy at work and everything in between. Plenty of in-cab storage and carrying compartments, a large glove box, convenient USB port for charging and a functional radio system are just the tip of the iceberg. Further non-essential but helpful assets include the heated leather multi-function steering wheel, electric 4-way lumbar support, headrest adjustment, armrest adjustment and more.

Plenty of passenger legroom and handy dashboard features complete the package, with an abundance of convenience bonuses. As you would expect from a flagship Volkswagenvan model, safety is a big consideration too. The Volkswagen Crafter Luton comes with a range of driver assistance features to help drivers stay safe on the road, as well as optional extras such as lane assist and cruise control – all controllable from the comfort of the roomy cab.

Storage & Payload

A payload of over 1000kg within a space-efficient interior ensures plenty of flexibility, while the four-tier load restraint system and reinforced bottom plank restrict movement in the storage area as you’re on the go. With a rear footstep fitted as standard, Volkswagen Crafter Luton Van bodies support a wide range of bolt-on modifications to suit specific needs, and the 500kg taillift lifting capacity is ideal for heavier loads. Overall there is a clear attention to storage needs and convenience of everyday application. For a Luton which makes everyday loading and containment easier, you won’t go wrong with this Volkswagen design.

Pros & Cons


  • Perfect for a range of workplace tasks
  • Classic Volkswagen efficiency
  • Optional and standard convenience safety features


  • High fuel consumption
  • Quite bulky – not as navigable as some Lutons
  • Not the most environmentally friendly (though an electric variant is available)

The Verdict

For those requiring a road-ready van which is perfect for a range of workplace tasks, Volkswagen have exceeded expectations with the fantastic Crafter Luton. Multiple storage options and in-cab comfort features render this van a great candidate for fleet acquisition or a one-time purchase. Further desirables include an optional taillift and individualised features to add to this high-value, high-quality package.

Choose a brand which can be trusted and opt for Volkswagen. supplying some of the best Luton vans around, at Van Sales UK we are constantly updating our online catalogue. To discover what our vehicles have to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to answer any questions you may have! Call us now on 0117 428 7721 or send an email to


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