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Volkswagen Crafter Luton Review

April 28th, 2023

The Volkswagen Crafter Luton at a glance

The Volkswagen Crafter Luton is a versatile and generous loading van guaranteed to make your work easier. Ever since the first Luton van was developed, its unique box van shape has been making daily life more convenient for cargo transporters. The square frame was ideal for transporting straw when this van was first designed, where the straw hat business was bustling in early 1930s Luton, Bedfordshire.

These kinds of vans are just as useful today as they were in the 20th century, where the Volkswagen Crafter Luton is the perfect model for the modern day driver. With a practical cab area, additional overhead storage and a plethora of driving safety features, this van is hard to beat. If you’re looking for extra space to assist with removal services, parcel delivery or a van life interior conversion, then look no further than the VW Crafter.

Read on for a comprehensive look at this model’s engine specifications and interior features, assessed for how useful they may be for your industry.

Engines and Spec

This Luton van delivers on driving reliability with a 2.0 manual diesel engine, built to get your cargo to its destination regardless of how heavy your load may be. This van is notably aerodynamic, where the body is sculpted according to European design standards. Despite this, the van is still notably large, and therefore lacks in terms of fuel efficiency, delivering around  28.8mpg to 24.6mpg.

Where this van shines is with its generous payload of more than 1000kg, whilst an optional tail lift feature with a lifting capacity of 500kg makes loading and unloading even better. The VW Crafter also comes with an upgraded chassis package as standard, complete with uprated suspension, reinforced stabilisers and a heavy-duty front axle, all of which maximises your vehicle handling experience.


The Volkswagen Crafter Luton is the model for you if you’re prioritising space. This vehicle has an internal length of 4119mm, with an impressive height of 2120mm, where you can be confident that all your loading needs will be met. Whether you’re storing a full house of furniture or several rolls of landscaping turf, you can guarantee you’ll have the room.

Inside the loading area the advantages of the VW Crafter continue, where this model is designed with users in mind. The box is complete with a four-tier load restraint system, a reinforced bottom plank and plentiful deck lashing, all designed to keep your cargo secure on the go. This is essential if you’re transporting breakable personal items or fragile packages. A rear footstep is also fitted as standard to bridge the space between your storage space and the pavement.

The cab area also provides a range of benefits to indulge in, where before you even set up shop behind the wheel you can revel in the additional overhead cab storage space. As for the driving area itself, you can enjoy a large glove box, USB ports and a heated multi-function steering wheel, all added for your ease and comfort.

When you’re on the road, you’ll also be grateful for the driving seat’s electric lumbar support, as well as the adjustable head and armrests. This is perfect for if you’re making long drives for parcel deliveries, or if you’re looking for all-day driving support for your van life conversion project.

Safety is an additional priority for Volkswagen, where their van range includes front assist with city emergency braking and automatic post-collision braking as standard. Optional extras such as cruise control and lane assist technology can further improve your driving over extended distances.

Pros & Cons


  • Impressive storage capacity to support your loading and transportation needs
  • An interior built for safe cargo management, so you can drive with peace of mind
  • Great standard and additional safety features to support your driving


  • Less fuel efficient than smaller van options, so you may wish to consider your company budget before investing
  • Considerably less eco-friendly than electric alternatives, which may be a priority if you’re embarking on an environmentally conscious van lifestyle
  • Limited technology in the cab may hold you back if driving entertainment and comfort is at the forefront of your mind

The Verdict

So the Volkswagen Crafter Luton has a lot to offer if you’re looking for secure loading capabilities and lots of interior space. With a VW body and engine as standard, you know you can trust this model to deliver on durability and long-lasting driving safety. The only downside would be this van’s fuel efficiency, which is a point of compromise that must be bowed to if you’re after a large diesel run vehicle.

If you’d like more information about this or any of our other vans, then contact Van Sales UK today, and we’ll be able to offer you expert advice on our complete range of new and used models.


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