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Volkswagen Crafter Luton vs Volkswagen e-Crafter Electric Luton

January 24th, 2023

Though this article is titled ‘Volkswagen Crafter Luton vs e-Crafter Luton’, it is somewhat hard to compare the two. Clearly designed and adapted to suit different audiences, this pair of versatile vans provide enough variation for everyone from long haul delivery workers, to eco-conscious families looking for a spacious EV to complete the school run. Ultimately, both serve varied purposes, and we’ll look to outline them here. Volkswagen have succeeded in producing two similar-yet-distinct Luton designs, which excel in a number of crucial areas.

First and foremost, both the diesel and EV variants  are adaptable in terms of body type, and while packed with excellent innovative technological features that improve safety and functionality, the subtle facelifts of both releases were noticeable here. Though the visual appeal is unlikely to sway many when seeking a large commercial vehicle, we were immediately struck by the rebooted appearance – ideal if you use either vehicle as a company van, and want to make all the right impressions on potential customers and clients.

Flexibility, alongside the Crafter and e-Crafter’s  ease and comfortability when driving, make it an effortless joy to drive in a wide range of commercial contexts. While the original Volkswagen van is perhaps suited to motorway trips, and for the transportation of materials and heavier utilities from A to B, the electric option is perfect for couriers, craftsmen and other locally based trades. Designed with input from UK businesses, the attention-to-detail is clear, and you can keep operating in low or zero-emission zones guilt-free with the e-Crafter.

While these two desirable van models are competitively priced up against some closely-matched competitors, for a wide selection of quality brand new vans, consult our online range today, featuring EVs, diesel tradesperson vehicles and much more. Ready to get into the specific details and distinctive features? Read ahead!

Engines and Spec

Jumping Straight into engine details, The Volkswagen Crafter is fitted with a 2.0-litre TDI diesel engine, with various power options producing from 102hp to 177hp depending on the choice of turbo and drivetrain. This produces more than enough power for a large van to seamlessly travel distances in a jiffy – even while loaded with equipment and large objects. We were especially pleased with the cab comfort within this hefty van despite the notable power output (which was covered extensively within our original review piece).

A quiet drive is also assured within the adaptable electric variant, though rather contrastingly the 5kW lithium-ion battery is hardly powerful even considering the most obscure metrics. Capable of an estimated 107 mile range once fully charged, this quoted figure is likely to be less in reality, as weather, traffic conditions, road types, driving style, onboard equipment use and payload will all influence the actual total range.

As a worthy positive though, the 35kW battery is stored handily beneath the floor, making it feel stable and secure for a smooth drive. Able to be recharged to 80% from a 40kW DC combined charging system in around 45 minutes, there are savings to be made when you invest in electric. Put off by the higher initial costs of acquiring an EV? View finance and part exchange deals today – there are savings to be made on individual vans or fleet acquisitions.


The interior of a new van can have a big impact on your driver experience, as well as the suitability for carrying passengers. Not only should you be considerate of legroom gadgets, safety features and of course storage capabilities, but also other seemingly insignificant details. Immediately notable, the Crafter’s comfortable ride quality, both loaded and unloaded, make it enjoyable for distance journeys, and even in the taller high-roof panel and Luton variants , the Crafter is grippy and manageable. Likewise, we would characterise the e-Crafter Luton as a fantastic conversion of the much-loved EV, and the result is a sustainable office on wheels.

Inclusive of safety innovations such as park assist, post-collision braking, lane assist and trailer assist, there is a large touchscreen infotainment  system within both vehicles, while  seats, windscreen, and steering wheel are all heated as standard. If you’re based in the big city, park assist controls the steering for you to park in perpendicular and parallel spaces, while the same as the diesel Crafter, the noted stylish and user-friendly interiors of Volkswagen’s cars are transferred thoughtfully into the Crafter.

There are lots of storage areas which include triple-decker door bins, dash-top cubby-holes, and a shelf on top of the dashboard – alongside the added space of the Luton conversion. For reviews of individual vans, blogs, feature articles and much more, consult our news page.

The Verdict/Snapshot

To summarise, these two top-class van options are brilliant for the enthusiastic driver, benefitting from a thoughtful design, cab features aplenty and long-term efficiency. Able to navigate through winding local roads despite the considerable size of a Luton conversion, the Volkswagen Crafter Luton and younger electric brother offer value for money and storage for the essentials.

We’re happy to take you through your options, and with plenty of variants and body types to choose from, enquire today at Van Sales UK!


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