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Volkswagen Crafter Van Review

July 21st, 2023

The Volkswagen Crafter At A Glance

The journey of the Volkswagen Crafter began back with the Mercedes Benz Sprinter, and in its second generation, the vehicle has been built in house as a VW product. The new version of the Volkswagen Crafter has distinguished itself as a well thought out and reliable vehicle.

Recently, with its sharper exterior design, the Crafter has become popular and dependable within a range of different trades. Whether you are travelling up and down the country, delivering, landscaping, building or working in another industry that requires a sturdy vehicle, the Crafter could be the one for you.

The flexibility of the Volkswagen Crafter is another attribute that sets it apart from its competitors. VW are offering a range of body types, dropside and tipper models with single or double cap capabilities.

Keep reading to find out more about the Volkswagen Crafter.

Engines and Spec

The Volkswagen Crafter is built with a 2.0 Litre Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) diesel engine. The power can range from 102hp to 177hp, depending on turbo and drivetrain choices. The Crafter has front, four and rear wheel drive options too.

The Volkswagen Crafter exceeds expectations when it comes to power. While a 2.0 Litre engine may not sound like a powerful vehicle, the Crafter is a sturdy vehicle that has been well built to get you from A to B.

When it comes to loading the Volkswagen Crafter, the drive is still smooth and effortless no matter how heavy your load may be. With a spacious loading area and a generous payload, the Crafter is great for getting your goods wherever they need to be.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Volkswagen Crafter’s mechanical steering feature. Featuring an electric motor to replace what would ordinarily be a hydraulic pump, the steering in this vehicle is responsive and agile, helping the Crafter to zip round tight corners and enhance the driver experience.


The Volkswagen Crafter has been handcrafted with user-friendliness and an ongoing stylish feel. With plenty of storage space, overhead space, triple decker door bins and a shelf on the top dashboard, the Volkswagen Crafter has a variety of storage options.

With an infotainment and touch-screen console at the front of the van, there are a variety of power points available to passengers as well as the driver, and the option for on board wifi. These are simply to use, maintaining Volkswagen’s focus on user friendly features. Not to mention the features they’ve added for comfort.

If you’re someone who is making long and laborious drives almost every day, the Volkswagen Crafter’s got you covered. With heated seats and a heated steering wheel, this van is ready to accommodate your driving needs all year round. The Crafter’s interior has been carefully thought out to create a sense of high-tech luxury.

Some of the tech features that you should know about are the:

  • Driver Alert – This feature monitors the vehicle for signs of driver tiredness, to help you stay alert and safe while driving

  • Adaptive Cruise Control – Helps maintain safe stopping distances as well as making long distance motorway driving less tiring

  • Park Assist – Great for city driving or helping you slot into tight parking spaces

These are just a few of the brilliant range of features that the Volkswagen Crafter has. Its roomy and spacious cabin, combined with all of its technological features have been beautifully designed to keep you safe and comfortable throughout all of your journeys.

For trades people transporting heavy loads, making long-distance journeys, or requiring plentiful storage, this van ticks all the boxes.

Pros & Cons

Here we’ve provided a must know list of pros and cons regarding the Volkswagen Crafter


  • Spacious and roomy cabin

  • Lots of advanced safety features

  • Easy to drive

  • Designed with driver user friendliness in mind


  • Lacking power in some models

  • Not the most economical fuel consumption due to diesel engine

The Verdict

Overall, The Volkswagen Crafter has been carefully designed to optimise a driver’s experience, especially tradespeople travelling long distances. Not only have Volkswagen designed a vehicle with advanced tech features, these features have been designed with comfort and safety as the primary goals.

The Volkswagen Crafter screams reliability, with a range of bodies, range of drive options and engine choices. The Crafter is a standout option in the world of vans, and its robust build quality goes on to show that.

No matter what your commercial van needs may be, the Crafter is an excellent choice for a multitude of trades. Although this VW vehicle is competing with the likes of the Sprinter, Ford Transit and many other models, the thoughtful design, enhanced safety features and driver satisfaction make the Volkswagen Crafter a serious contender for your next van.

To find out more about the Volkswagen Crafter, or to browse our other van options, contact us today to speak to our wonderful team here at Van Sales UK.


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