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Volkswagen E-Crafter Luton vs Vauxhall Movano-e Luton

March 9th, 2023

What do removal specialists, delivery drivers and logistics firms have in common? Though this may sound a lot like the build-up to a bad joke, it’s not. The answer is that each of these professional enterprises relies on practical transport; typically in the form of a Luton van! From sole traders and small business owners to large removal companies and delivery services, the commercial world is reliant on high-quality vehicles to ensure that goods and services are delivered safely, securely and on time.

Since they first hit the roads in the mid-20th century, Luton vans have developed a reputation for reliability and excellence. This type of vehicle exists as the backbone of many industries, enabling great quantities of stock, equipment and supplies to be delivered without the need for a lorry. Proving particularly effective in urban areas such as cities and towns, it’s no wonder that Luton vans are an industry favourite.

If you’re on the hunt for a new Luton van, it can be tricky knowing where to start. With an abundance of choices, option paralysis can get in the way of progress. Fortunately, here at Van Sales UK, we’re here to help. If you think that comfort, practicality, efficiency and sustainability is too much to ask from one van, think again.

Shortly, we’re going to place two impressive all-electric Luton vans head to head. Read on to discover our van vs van review of the Volkswagen E-Crafter Luton and the Vauxhall Movano-e Luton.

Engines and Spec

Let’s begin by looking at the engines or, rather, batteries that power each of these vans. It’s worth noting that although the Volkswagen E-Crafter Luton and the Vauxhall Movano-e Luton are powered by lithium-ion batteries, their output power and motors do vary.

Volkswagen have earned a reputation for excellence within the commercial vehicle industry, and the Volkswagen E-Crafter Luton is no exception. The E-Crafter is powered by a 35kWh lithium-ion battery which, though it may not boast the maximum power of certain diesel counterparts, offers more than enough for city driving, urban navigation and zippy back and forths.

A range of 107 miles isn’t breaking any records, but for site work, deliveries, removals and little trips, this is a great choice. That said, if you’re looking to recharge on the go, the 35kWh lithium-ion battery is well-suited and can reach 80% capacity in just 40 minutes. Of course, an added bonus with any all-electric vehicle is the emission-free transport; drivers needn’t worry about clean air zones or rising fuel costs!

So, how will the Vauxhall Movano-e Luton compare? Regarding power outputs, this van offers drivers a choice between a 37kWh or 75kWh battery. For those looking for a vehicle for shorter trips and town driving, the 37kWh model is probably enough. If we’re being honest though, the 75kWh offers much greater performance, with 223km of range, so we’d recommend this option. That said, either of these, combined with the 90kW electric motor, is sure to provide all the power you’ll need for transporting heavy loads and zipping around the city.

There’s no denying that both the Volkswagen E-Crafter Luton and the Vauxhall Movano-e Luton are good vans in their own right. With a better understanding of battery power, motors and range, let’s take a closer look at their interiors.


Stepping inside the cab of the Volkswagen E-Crafter, both drivers and passengers are met by a sense of quality and a well-designed layout. This impressive van boasts an abundance of lovable features, including numerous tech and safety additions. Among its many eye-catching characteristics, the E-Crafter Luton is kitted with a large infotainment screen, park assist, post-collision braking, lane keeping assist and trailer assist. What’s more, comfort and visibility is guaranteed thanks to the heated windscreen, steering wheel and seats!

With that in mind, the Vauxhall Movano-e Luton is certainly a force to be reckoned with. This practical van offers plenty of storage and space without sacrificing comfort or build quality. With a touchscreen infotainment display, built-in navigation system, Bluetooth and mobile phone connectivity, the cab has all you could want and more.

The Verdict

The Volkswagen E-Crafter Luton and the Vauxhall Movano-e Luton are both capable, well-designed, efficient and comfortable commercial vans. Whether you’re looking to expand your fleet or upgrade your only vehicle, you’d be in safe hands with either vehicle.

That said, which is best? There is no straight answer to this question, as it depends largely on personal preference and intended use. Those looking for a little extra range would find that the 75kWh version of the Vauxhall Movano-e Luton is a better choice. However, those looking for unparalleled cab quality are sure to love the Volkswagen E-Crafter Luton.

Still unsure? No problem! Here at Van Sales UK, we’re always here to offer advice and point you in the right direction. Just get in touch.


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