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Volkswagen e-Transporter Electric Luton Van Review

January 12th, 2023

Volkswagen e-Transporter Luton At A Glance

Volkswagen supplying road-ready vans is nothing new, but with the Volkswagen e-Transporter Luton, there are plenty of original ideas and adapted features from prior releases to admire. First announced in 2018,  this model boasts efficient Luton functionality, within an economical electric van chassis. Ideal for the clean air zones which are becoming ever-common within big cities, this van allows you to shun the harmful emissions generated by diesel vehicles, in favour of a versatile mode of transport, from one of the most popular manufacturers in The UK.

Straight off the bat, we characterised the e-Transporter Luton as a medium van which is fantastic to drive, with easy handling and a comfy cab experience for both driver and passenger. Plenty of accessories and usable features are present within the base Luton model, making it adaptable to various professions and environments when called upon – or even acquired as part of a fleet. The additional Luton storage for larger loads is key for tradespeople, and even with reduced payload capacity due to battery placement, this handy little van does a sterling job of carrying equipment and materials within a spacious interior.

Refuelling this electric van is much easier than you may think if you’re  dealing with an EV for the first time, and the e-Transporter is very quick to charge from either outside the home or a public charging station. Ultimately, the driving range of 82 miles is very much lacking, making it less suitable for long distance trips, however, there are plenty of advantages for those who don’t plan on trekking along in their van as it stands. Other drawbacks include the choice of a single 37.3kWh battery within, limiting a few important metrics.

Overall, standard equipment is plentiful while the van comes equipped with safety functions for driver welfare. A competitive payload which stacks up well against rivals is handy too. Read on to hear our thoughts on the specifics within this electric solution, and don’t hesitate to browse our Van Sales UK range in the meantime, for varied body types, functionalities and more.

Engines and Spec

This van is a real balance of positive and negative attributes,, with plenty of undeniable quality, but also an array of niggly negatives and potential dealbreakers – especially within this criteria of the engines and spec. One notable plus point is that charging is fast and efficient, allowing the driver to sit back and relax when it comes to topping up the battery ready for another trip. 80% charge from flat can take around 45 minutes, though the single battery pack unfortunately gives this van a notably poor driving range up against competitors which boast a twin battery.

Charging an EV van is generally cheaper than the running of a conventional diesel van, though there is an argument to be had that many customers who are actively considering an electric van may total a daily mileage of 60 miles or less regardless. The Volkswagen e-Transporter Luton also somewhat halted by a 56mph speed limiter, making it a tough sell for those who travel via the motorway or main roads, which can also reduce the battery capacity at a surprising rate. Talking of the battery, the otherwise reasonable 996kg payload is reduced by the positioning of the battery component, though as a maximum load, this is still superior when compared to many similar mid-sized vans.

Also worth mentioning at this point is the considerable (and rather surprising) 1,500kg towing capacity, which allows large loads to be carried behind the van if required. This is truly impressive considering many electric vans are unable to tow whatsoever. Shopping around for a van which is affordable, efficient and suited to a range of tasks? Take a look through our used vehicles and finance deals.


The interior space is certainly where this medium sized van excels, and from spending a lengthy period of time within the roomy cab, we can certainly see the appeal of such a vehicle. The spacious driver area ensures a great all-round driving experience, with additional storage at a premium. Accounting for the Luton storage space, conventional interior storage area and various nooks and crannies within the cab, there are plenty of spots to store everything you need.

Beside the simplicity of driving and generally handling the e-Transporter, the durable chassis feels stable on corners – an essential within modern vans. For those seeking a quiet drive and no-nonsense experience on the roads, you may be onto a winner with this Luton variant. Feature-heavy and simplistic to navigate, there are plenty of bonus features and handy additions to make up for the listed flaws. The touchscreen centre console is handily placed, with access to apps and vehicle-centric features at the touch of a fingertip. Other extras include:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Heat-insulating cabin glass
  • Driver’s seat with height-adjustment
  • Multi-function steering wheel
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Remote central locking
  • Electronic stability control

Pros & Cons


  • Cheaper to run with fast charging capabilities.
  • Additional storage provided by the luton load space and in-cab storage.
  • One of the best cab areas within any medium sized van.


  • Poor range may limit use outside of towns and suburban areas.
  • Speed limiter is troublesome if you’re used to motorway driving.
  • Single battery has plenty of drawbacks.

The Verdict

For those with an eye for detail, the cab of this nifty medium van is a joy to behold, though the limitations of the vehicle’s battery and EV functionality can become a real stumbling block. Excellent in the right situations and troublesome in others, this particular van seems perfect for economical short-range trips and city commuting. Don’t expect the world when you acquire a Volkswagen e-Transporter Luton, but equally, you’re likely to be impressed by the various offerings within the classy cab.

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