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Volkswagen e-Transporter Electric Tipper Review

December 14th, 2022

The Volkswagen e-Transporter Tipper at a glance

Being the first of their fully electric vans to go on sale in the UK, the 2022 Volkswagen e-Transporter is now available as a Tipper body. Being the work of conversion specialists Ingimex, the e-Transporter Tipper allows for a smaller alternative to the larger Volkswagen e-Crafter Tipper conversions (just as has been done for the combustion alternative), ideal for those who wish to reap the benefits an electric tipper van has to offer without the need for a larger van.

You’ll spot that the vans in the e-Transporter range all feature an ‘ABTe’ badge on the exterior of these vans, the tipper included, which is due to the fact that the e-Transporter Tipper is converted by ABT (on behalf of Volkswagen) by replacing the diesel engine and fuel tank with an electric motor and lithium ion battery pack.

The range you can achieve with the e-Transporter Tipper is objectively less than some competitor electric vans, however the comfort you will have when driving it is unmatched, and it is perfect for those who make trips along regular routes, such as for those who work in local construction.

Engines and Spec

The Volkswagen e-Transporter Tipper, like the rest of the e-Transporter range, incorporates a fully electric 83kW motor under the bonnet, which is equivalent to 110hp, and a 37.3kWh lithium ion battery pack under the floor so as not to reduce loading space.

Equipped with both AC and DC charging, the e-Transporter Tipper can charge in as little as 45 minutes from empty to 80% when using a DC 50kW rapid charger, whilst the standard 7.5kW AC wall charger allows for a full charge in approximately 5.5 hours.

Though the relatively small battery pack allows for such fast charging, the downside of this is that the range that the e-Transporter Tipper can cover on a full charge is relatively low, covering only 82 miles, whilst rival electric vans can cover up to 92 miles and some even further than that.

However, this range is more than enough to cover the distance travelled by the targeted users of this van, who (according to Volkswagen) on average only cover a daily mileage of 60 miles. If you make regular trips on the same routes working on local construction sites or only require your tipper van to exclusively transport loose material around a construction site, then the e-Tranporter Tipper is perfectly suited to your needs.

The tipper itself is made from high tensile steel and double skinned aluminium, and features a strong tailboard with side mounted locks to maximise the tipping area, along with high visibility markings. The maximum payload stands at 800kg.


If you are familiar with the general Volkswagen Transporter range, then you will be pleased to know that all e-Transporters feature the exact same cabin interior as their combustion counterparts, save for differences in the instrument cluster.

In fact, the Volkswagen Transporter and e-Transporter vans alike are considered to have one of the smartest, most modern-looking and practical cabin interiors there is across the whole van market – meaning you can benefit from this in the e-Transporter Tipper.

As for the revised instrument cluster, the key differences are with the fuel gauge and the rev counter; when driving the e-Transporter Tipper, you will be able to see how much range you have left as an indicator of how soon your battery needs charging, whilst the rev counter has been switched for a power-use meter.

The needle on this power-use meter points directly up in its resting position, moving to the right when you accelerate and the left when you break. Every time the needle goes to the left, this indicates that energy is being recovered and going back into your batteries, rather than being lost. This allows you to drive in the most efficient way to increase your driving range.

Pros & Cons


  • Clear and intuitive instrument cluster

  • Competitive payload compared to rival electric tippers

  • Fast charging compared to rivals

  • Modern, stylish interior that is the same as combustion alternatives


  • Limited range, though ideal for regular small journeys

  • Expensive to buy outright, though is cheaper to run

The Verdict

If you are looking for a van that is cheap to run and easily covers short, essential routes daily with maximum efficiency and minimal environmental damage, whilst able to carry loose building materials, then the Volkswagen e-Transporter Tipper is perfect for you.

With the capability for rapid charging and an indicator on how efficient your driving habits are, this van is ideal for those who work in construction and regularly need to transport materials to and from local construction sites or exclusively across these sites as part of a day’s work, without the need for an unnecessarily large and expensive van.

Not to mention, the Volkswagen e-Transporter Tipper boasts the same comfort and style inside as the rest of the Volkswagen Transporter range, so you can drive more sustainably without compromising on gratification.

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