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Volkswagen Transporter Kombi Review

Volkswagen Transporter Kombi Review
November 24th, 2022

The Volkswagen Transporter is undoubtedly one of the most popular and famous vans of all time. Its brilliant design has influenced many of the world’s leading van manufacturers for decades and previous models are now considered classics in vehicle design. The Transporter is so popular, in fact, that vintage models now fetch for far more than their original retail value and are regular features at classic car shows.

Considering the popularity of the early Transporters, there’s no guessing why the van has continued in production since 1950. The original design for the Transporter featured a rear engine concept which saw the driving position for the vehicle at the very front of the van. This did, of course, have many benefits, such as a brilliant field of vision. However, since the T4 model in 1990, the vans have reverted to the more conventional front-engine design, which has vastly improved the van’s driveability and storage capacity.

The latest Transporter model follows on from its historic and classic principles with subtle changes throughout to bring the beloved van into the model market.

Engines and Spec

The Transport Kombi features the same 2.0-litre TDI turbo diesel engines found in all the other variations of the T6.1 Transporter. Despite Volkswagen only producing the van with one engine, it does come with a variety of different power outputs. Owners can choose from the 90hp baseline single turbo option right through to the top-of-the-range 204hp twin-turbo variation.

The lower range models still have plenty of power for city driving and can easily pull the van fully loaded. However, it can start to struggle once you try to open it up on the motorway. In contrast, the fastest 204hp model is exceptionally fast and will just about handle anything you can throw at it.

When it comes to economic driving, the Transporter Kombi does lag behind some of Volkswagen’s largest rivals. Even the more economical models can just about manage 40mpg.


The Transporter Kombi really starts to shine when we head over to the interior of the van. To put it simply, it’s outstanding. There is plenty of storage space and creature comforts that feel more like a luxury car than a van. This, among other things, is why the transporter became so popular in early days and Volkswagen certainly haven’t forgotten their routes. The media system within the vehicle is a particular standout. The system comes with a whopping 8-inch touchscreen, which includes both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The storage within the Transporter is pretty much second to none. There are copious storage places and areas to stow away smaller items. There are also two lockable lockers underneath the driver’s side and passenger seats, which both‌ have a 230v socket. So, you can lock your phone away safely and charge it at the same time! The payload of the Transport Kombi is also fairly commendable and can reach up to 1,102kg.

Pros & Cons


  • Retains value
  • Great storage
  • Powerful engines


  • Fairly expensive
  • Noisy cab
  • Low mpg

The Verdict

It’s no secret that the Transporter is one of the most successful vans in history and, in truth, it’s easy to understand why. Its great looks come with amazing reliability, comfort, and storage which makes the van one of the true greats. The Kombi brings together all of these great elements and adds the added benefit of more seating and better versatility, which, in our eyes, can only be a positive. The Kombi version is capable of transporting up to 6 people all while carrying a sizable weight in the rear.

The good news about the Transporter Kombi doesn’t just stop there though. The 2022 van’s new facelift and improved body work makes what already was a good-looking van practically stunning, which by all accounts can only be a positive. There’s also an abundance of technology such as reversing cameras and bluetooth speakers.

If the Volkswagen Transporter Kombi sounds like the van for you, then don’t hesitate. Get in touch today!


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