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What Are the Best Large Electric Vans?

June 9th, 2023

In recent years, the rise of electric vehicles has been a hot topic in the automotive industry. Not only do electric vehicles reduce emissions, but they also offer cost savings in the long run. In the world of commercial vehicles, electric vans are becoming increasingly popular. With this in mind, we have put together a list of the best large electric vans on the market today.

Fiat e-Ducato

When it comes to driving range, undoubtedly the e-Ducato takes the top spot, boasting an impressive 223 miles on a single charge. A vehicle that’s popular with campers and couriers alike due to its whopping 1,885kg payload capacity, this absolute electric powerhouse will comfortably take passengers and heavy cargo from London to Manchester with charge to spare.

Ford e-Transit

Following closely behind the e-Ducato with a range of 217 miles is the Ford e-Transit. An undisputed mogul of the van world, the Transit model has reigned supreme for decades. And, when considering the impressive range, alongside a decent 1,616kg of payload and powerful 400-volt electric motor, it’s no surprise that the e-Transit is projected to surpass its diesel counterpart in the years to come.

Iveco e-Daily

Although amongst the least competitive in this particular showdown when compared against a number of factors (its payload is the lowest of the bunch, for example), the electric Iveco Daily nonetheless manages a solid driving range of 124 miles in urban conditions. It’s safe to say that this number will get you from Bristol to London, provided that you’re happy to head straight to a charging point upon arrival. However, given that the average daily route of a commercial van is within a 20 mile radius, the need for extra mileage out of a single charge will only be relevant to a select few drivers.

Renault Master ZE

The Master ZE matches the Iveco e-Daily exactly range-wise. That being said, Renault themselves have downplayed their own expectations of how this large electric van is able to perform, and projected a ‘real world’ range of only 75 miles in summer and 50 miles in winter. At an official figure of 124 miles, however, it does still tie with the e-Daily for a true working range. As such, between these two electric heavyweights it really all comes down to whether you prefer Renault or Iveco for design, specs and optional extras.

Large Electric Vans for Every Business Requirement

As you can see, there are a variety of large electric vans available on the market. From electric Luton vans to panel vans and solid all-rounders, there is an option to suit every business need. Not only do electric vans offer cost savings in the long run, but they also help reduce emissions, making them a more environmentally friendly option. If you are considering switching to an electric van, Van Sales UK has a range of electric vehicles available to suit your business needs. Contact us today to find out more about our selection.


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