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What Is A Low Loader Van? A Commercial Vehicle Guide

What Is A Low Loader Van - Van Sales UK
October 11th, 2023

Vans have revolutionised the way we carry out business in recent decades, where they facilitate easy transportation and the manoeuvring of heavy duty goods across various distances. Whether you work in plumbing, electrical services or landscaping, the right van can transform the way your company functions on a day to day level.

As such, vans come in a variety of different models designed to suit all kinds of industries. Vans with a big payload are useful for the transportation of heavy construction equipment, whilst lighter vehicles are more convenient for navigating narrow city streets. Read on to find out more about low loader vans in particular, and how their unique design could benefit your business.

What Is A Low Loader?

A low loader van is a specific model of box or Luton van that is designed to have a particularly low chassis. This helps to boost the vehicle’s payload whilst making the loading area of the van closer to the ground for easy access. This means that items can be loaded and unloaded without the need for an additional tail lift. Low loaders can also be fitted with interior rails, ties and storage compartments to make transportation easier.

Top Uses For A Low Loader Vehicle

Low loader vans are typically used for the transportation of fragile goods that need to be unloaded carefully. As such this kind of vehicle is popular amongst those delivering a dependable courier service. This model of van is also useful for home removal services, where it allows for furniture and fragile items to be moved with ease. Industries that call for heavy equipment to be manoeuvred may also benefit from the low chassis of this van.

Vanaways: Low Loaders To Suit Your Business Requirements

At Vanaways, we supply a wide range of van models, including low loader vehicles. These include the Citroen Relay Low Loader and the Peugeot Boxer Low Loader, where both of these vehicles qualify for our nationwide delivery service. Our low loaders also include a manufacturer’s warranty, roadside assistance and extended service intervals to provide you with ongoing peace of mind.

We offer a comprehensive range of financing options for all our new and electric vehicles to help you to access your dream motor. Choose from various lease agreements and part exchange deals to acquire the best van for your business. In addition to this, our specialist team can also offer comprehensive advice on fleet management and switching to an electric model.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help.


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