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What is a Tipper Van?

Double Cab Tipper Van
August 22nd, 2022

A tipper van is a light commercial vehicle capable of carrying a variety of loads and equipment. Tippers are equipped with an under-floor tipping system that allows you to tip the vehicle body to unload heavy loads at the rear of the vehicle. 

What are Tipper Vans Used For?

Commonly referred to as dump trucks, tipper trucks are used to help the construction world complete projects quickly, efficiently and safely.

The job of a tipper van is to lift and transport loose building materials such as asphalt, construction aggregate, dirt, grain, gravel, sand, snow and wood chips in bulk efficiently around a worksite.

Who Uses Tipper Vans?

Tippers are bought by a variety of customers. As well as construction businesses, they are purchased by companies involved in the agricultural, forestry and horticultural sectors, as well as by utility companies and local authorities.

What are the Benefits of Tipper Vans?

Tipping vans provide a number of benefits for commercial sites:

  • Lift heavy goods with ease – Tipping vans save the effort of manpower and do all the hard work for you 
  • Deposit heavy goods on-site – Even with extremely heavy cargo, a tipper van can transport and provide precise unloading
  • Cost-effective – Hiring one tipping van will cost a lot less than hiring several people to manually life, carry and deposit heavy materials from one site to another
  • Variety of tipper options – There are a range of tipper sizes perfect for any type of job

What Materials Can Tipper Vans Carry?

Tipper vans can help with materials such as:

  • Asphalt
  • Construction aggregate
  • Dirt
  • Grain
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Snow
  • Triple mix
  • Turf
  • Wood chips         

Things to Check Before Using a Tipper Van                                     

Before using a tipping van it is important to check:

  • The quick-release couplings
  • The brackets
  • The hose which connects the cylinder with the hydraulic system
  • Lubricate pivot points and tightening bolts that fix the brackets into place
  • The cylinder pressure 
  • The oil levels in the hydraulic system

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