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What Situations Do Electric Vans Perform Best In?

September 18th, 2023

Electric vans are a popular choice of vehicle for the modern business. With little to no pollution, they are the perfect choice for a business that is hoping to be environmentally friendly and can help to promote a positive business image at the same time.

But are electric vans always the best choice for the environment around them? Read on to find out more.

Where To Use Electric Vans

Most electric vans use an automatic gearbox, due to no gears being present inside the vehicle. This means you don’t have to fiddle around adjusting gears constantly, just using the accelerator to adjust the speed of your van. This makes electric vans ideal for areas where you might typically adjust the gears a lot, such as built-up areas.

Electric vans are also great for areas that have decided to commit to clean air zones. Cities such as Bristol, Bath, Bradford, Portsmouth and more have introduced clean air zones to improve air quality. Vehicles that exceed emissions standards are charged for entering these areas. Electric vehicles do not produce emissions, so are therefore safe to drive through clean air zones.

As they are not powered by a loud diesel engine, electric vans are normally extremely quiet to drive, with only the occasional hum. This makes them perfect for performing tasks where a loud vehicle might bring complaints, such as late-night work or tasks in quiet areas.

Where Electric Vans Can Underperform

While electric vans are great, they might underperform in a few situations. Electric vans typically have a certain range and when this is reached the battery will be empty and need recharging. Rapid charge points exist, but you might still be waiting around a while. A van powered by petrol or diesel will usually be able to drive further, and topping up will get you back on the road instantly.

You might also run into the problem of not being near a charging point where you need it, such as in remote areas where infrastructure is not in place yet. Checking routes before you depart is essential when driving an electric vehicle, so you know exactly where to charge it.

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