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What To Look For When Choosing A Van Leasing Company

July 12th, 2023

It’s hard to beat that new van feeling, where a shiny exterior, spotless dashboard and brand new tyres can have you feeling on top of the world. Even opting for a used vehicle can give you the same sense of novelty and satisfaction, where you can take your time learning about your vehicle’s quirks and special features.

But buying a new vehicle can be expensive, where you either need to have a considerable quantity of money available to pay upfront or you’ll have to manage the interest payments on a pricey car loan. Fortunately, there’s another option – leasing your van provides you with a cheaper alternative to direct purchasing and it gives you the flexibility to change vehicles more frequently.

The van sales market is undoubtedly crowded, making it difficult to find the perfect lease to suit your needs. Reputability and affordability are bound to be top priorities for any customer – read on for a comprehensive guide to finding a van leasing company that you can depend on.

How Does Leasing Work?

Leasing is a financing option that makes it more affordable to access a new vehicle compared to buying outright. In order to lease a car or van, you will pay a deposit and then regular monthly payments to secure the vehicle for a fixed period of time, usually a couple of years.

The terms of a leasing contract can vary, where there are typically limits on your mileage allowance. Some contracts will include a maintenance and servicing package, where it is generally expected that the vehicle will be returned to the dealership in good condition. Leasing is effectively a form of long-term rental, where you do not pay off the car over time, and it will be returned at the end of the contract.

How To Choose A Van Leasing Company

Deciding to lease a car is a big financial decision, so it is important to feel that your leasing company is reputable and supportive. If you’re unsure about your options, you want to guarantee that your dealer is providing you with suitable and impartial advice, without attempting to overcharge you. Some key aspects to consider when choosing a leasing company are listed below:

Proper Accreditation

Any motor company participating in sales and financial contracts must be properly regulated to ensure that they are meeting all legal requirements for providing car leasing services. Looking out for official signs of accreditation and regulation can help you to choose a reputable leasing company. The key markers for accreditation are:

FCA Regulated: Any organisation offering financial services must be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that the organisation has been approved as reputable, where staff will be properly qualified to offer financial advice. FCA regulations also protect your rights as a customer to receive a fair service. The company website should declare that they are FCA regulated on their website.

BVRLA Members: A reliable leasing company should declare that they are a member of the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA). Members have to adhere to a specified code of conduct when it comes to leasing vehicles, where the body also sets the standard for the condition of returned vehicles. Additionally, if you have an issue with your leasing company, it can be raised with and investigated by the BVRLA.

SAF Approved: A van dealership that has Specialist Automotive Finance (SAF) approval will have ensured that all staff are fully up to date with finance rules and regulations, where competency tests must be retaken annually. Companies can undergo this testing voluntarily, and so it is a marker of particular expertise and reliability if a leasing business declares that they have this approval.

How Long A Company Had Been Trading For

When choosing your leasing company, you may wish to consider how long the business has been up and running. New companies may have inexperienced staff and could be lacking extra accreditation which is not a legal requirement but can help to improve a leasing service. It is always best to opt for an established service so that you can minimise risk and know exactly what you’re getting.

Customer Reviews

A great way to get a feel for a company’s service standards is to read reviews written by recent customers. These can be found online or on the company’s website, where this can help to improve your confidence in opting for a particular service. Look out for references to how knowledgeable and supportive the staff were, as well as information about affordability in order to make an effective price comparison.

Transparent & Flexible Pricing

Each leasing company will handle pricing differently, where it is preferable to choose a dealership that is upfront and transparent about its costs. Opting for a company with a range of flexible financing options can also help you to find the right deal to suit your individual circumstances.

Maintenance & Servicing Options

Some leasing companies will give you the option to purchase a maintenance and servicing package as an addition to your monthly payments, or this may be included as standard. Other companies may require you to cover these costs yourself, where this can be a key differentiating factor when choosing your lease.

Mileage Limits

A lease agreement will usually include annual mileage limits, which help to preserve the quality of the vehicle. Standard upper limits usually average at around 15,000 miles per year, where higher mileages can be agreed upon at a greater monthly cost. You will need to consider your mileage requirements when choosing a leasing contract, where different contractual agreements will be appropriate depending on your personal and business circumstances.

Customer Service

When you first consider a leasing company, it is important to take note of their customer service standards. Are they readily available and communicative, or are their team hard to get hold of? This can make a big impact on your leasing experience, where reading reviews and taking personal recommendations can help you to find a company that prioritises customer care.

Vehicle Range

You may also wish to consider the vehicle range on offer from your chosen leasing company. Some may only lease used or new cars, whereas others may specialise in electric models or vans with a larger payload. Understanding what you’re looking for can help you to find a company that will suit your specific needs, where some dealers will specialise in leasing specific vehicles and fuel types.

Van Sales UK: Short & Long Term Van Leases

At Van Sales UK, we can provide you with a wide range of financing options to help you to drive home your dream vehicle. Our Contract Hire service allows you to choose from 24 to 60 month leases, where this comes with the option of including a maintenance and recovery service. In addition to this, we offer Finance Lease packages with no mileage limitations, which can allow you to pay off the value of your vehicle over the length of your contract. We can also offer you hire purchase, outright purchase and part exchange deals to suit your individual requirements.

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