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What Type of Business Can I Run With a Van?

What Type of Business Can I Run With a Van?
October 1st, 2022

Owning a van offers a plethora of opportunities for both your personal life and your career.

From the freedom of having your own business to weekends filled with festivals and road trips, it’s no surprise why many turn to vans to kick-start their career.

So, what businesses can you actually run with a van? Dive into just a few of the top businesses that you can run with a van.

Set Up a Recycling Business

This is by far the easiest of them all so it’s worth considering. All you need is your van and money for the cost of fuel and you’re good to go!

The best way to gain customers is by going door to door and asking people if they have any waste that they want to be taken to the local tip. Most people will have lots of waste in their homes that they haven’t had the time to dispose of yet and will jump at the chance to get you to take it for them.

Another option is to call local businesses and offer them a better quote than their usual recycling company. You don’t have to cold call local businesses in person, they usually prefer phone calls followed by a visit if they’re interested.

Not only is this an easy business to start, but it is good for the environment too!

Become a Courier or Van Delivery Driver

As the popularity of online shopping has soared in recent years and there are now over 2.14 billion digital buyers, it has never been a better time to become a delivery driver.

Online shopping has soared since the pandemic, with the

Having a van allows you to transport larger packages and heavier loads. And the more you can carry and deliver, the more you’ll earn.

Once you’ve got your van, look for job ads from logistics companies asking for self-employed drivers or search online for large delivery businesses which advertise for couriers.

Start a Dog Walking Business

If you’re a lover of dogs, setting up a dog walking business will be both an easy and enjoyable experience.

Ensure that you get a van kitted out with the necessary cages and ventilation for safe transportation of animals. This will allow you to ferry around several dogs at a time.

Become a Painter/Decorator

If you have a passion for all things DIY and love to spend your days painting and decorating, why not turn that into a business?

Once you have your van, you can use it to store ladders, pots of paints, brushes and all the other bits of equipment you’ll need on the job.

To get your painting/decorating career started, build up a portfolio of work and advertise on social media. Before you know it, you’ll have your own flourishing business!

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