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What You Need to Know About Insuring a Fleet of Vans

July 3rd, 2023

If you rely on van transportation for your business, then you need to make sure that your vehicles are properly maintained and protected. Owning more than one vehicle and regularly completing long journeys can open your business up to unexpected costs, where it’s important to choose the right insurance policy to cover all your assets

For van fleet owners, it is vital that your insurance fits the scale of your business, where regular van insurance policies may not be the best option for multiple vehicles. Alternatively, businesses can choose a van fleet insurance policy, which is designed to cover two or more vehicles under a single contract.

Read on to find out more about insuring a fleet of vans, with an insight into the policy and cover options available.

Why Choose Fleet Van Insurance

A fleet insurance policy allows businesses to cover different makes and models of vehicles all under the same agreement. This simplifies the insurance process, where all vans in the fleet will have a single insurance renewal date and a consistent level of policy cover.

In addition to simplicity, fleet insurance typically works out cheaper than taking out separate policies for each vehicle, where discounts are available for multi-van clients.

Types Of Fleet Insurance

As with regular insurance, there are lots of different cover types to choose from if you’re looking to insure a fleet of vans . These can include:

Third-Party Van Insurance which covers van owners for damage caused to other people, as well as third party vehicles and properties

Third Party, Fire & Theft Van Insurance – where this policy covers the same as the one above, with additional cover for costs inflicted by fire or acts of theft.

Comprehensive Cover – this is a more thorough and therefore pricier fleet insurance option, which covers vehicle owners for the costs listed above, as well as further damages, which can extend to:

  • Vandalism and other damages

  • Motor legal protection

  • Breakdown cover

  • Personal accident and injury cover

  • Courtesy or rental car cover

Contents Insurance For Fleet Vehicles

Some insurance policies also extend to contents and tool cover, which is especially important for commercial vehicles that are transporting valuable goods. The main types of commercial fleet policies consist of:

Haulage & Courier – for businesses transporting goods and equipment that belong to a third party

Carrying Own Goods – for businesses that wish to protect their own tools and equipment under their insurance policy

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