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When Does Bristol’s Clean Air Zone Launch?

clean air zone
April 11th, 2022

Electric vans have countless benefits. Not only do they benefit our environment by producing almost no greenhouses, but they are also provided with added incentives such as free parking and exemption from Clean Air Zone charges. Electric vans are starting to become increasingly popular, with more companies starting to introduce them.

Take a look at Van Sales UK‘s guide to the Clean Air Zone and when you can expect this to launch in Bristol.

What is a Clean Air Zone?

Essentially, a Clean Air Zone is an area where there is a conscious effort being made to improve the air quality. For those that drive vehicles that are non-compliant, they will have to pay a charge to access the area. This charge can be £9 a day for non-compliant cars, light goods vehicles and private hire vehicles. Yet drivers of non-compliant heavy good vehicles, buses and coaches can expect a £100 charge to access the area.

Putting this charge in place encourages people to swap their vehicles for one that is compliant. All of the money raised from charges will be used to invest in further measures that will improve the air quality. Bristol isn’t the first city to introduce Clean Air Zones, with Birmingham, Portsmouth and Bath leading the way first.

If you’re thinking of swapping and you’re wondering what the most economical van is, visit our electric van range at Van Sales UK!

When is The Launch Date?

At the time of writing Marvin Rees, the Mayor of Bristol, has said that he expects the clean air zone initiative to launch in September 2022. If you’re wondering whether your vehicle is compliant or not, you can use the GOV.UK’s online checker.

What is the Most Economical Van?

In order to be compliant with the Clean Air Zone, you need to have an economical van. But what are the most economical vans out there in the market? Find out below.

  • Peugeot E-Partner – The Peugeot E-Partner electric van can best be known for its smooth drive, whilst offering up to 171 miles of driving range,
  • Vauxhall E-Vivaro – The Vauxhall E-Vivaro could be described as an all-rounder, with a driving range of 200 miles and payload capacity of over 1200kg.
  • Ford E-Transit – Arriving in late 2022, this large van is most certainly going to be popular because of its driving range of 217 miles.

Tired of searching ‘electric vans for sale near me’? Look no further than Van Sales UK. We have a whole range of different electric vans that will almost certainly match the needs of you and your business. Swapping your vehicle for an electric van that is compliant with the Clean Air Zone initiative can save you money in the long run. If you’re unsure what is the most economical van for your profession, then get in touch with our team today.


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