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Which Are The Best Small Electric Vans?

Which Are The Best Small Electric Vans?
September 2nd, 2022

Electric vans are efficient, good for the environment and cost a lot less to run than diesel alternatives. They’re on the rise, with more consumers and businesses turning to electric vehicles for their needs instead of expensive, petrol alternatives.

But why are they so great? Well first is the impact on the environment. Electric vans do not produce any harmful emissions as they drive around, improving the air quality and reducing an individual or business’s impact on the environment.

Another reason is running costs, with the cost per mile of electricity being considerably lower than other fuels. Many people are buying electric because of the government plug-in van grant, which can get you 35% off the purchase price for small vans, up to a maximum of £2500. This is a significant saving, especially if you’re a business with a lot of vans.

Here at Van Sales UK, we pride ourselves on the great selection of electric vans we offer. Here are a few of the best small electric vans you can get.

Nissan e-Townstar

The Nissan e-Townstar is an incredibly versatile vehicle, powered by electricity for minimal running costs and incredible mileage. While classed as a small van, it has plenty of storage space for whatever you need to carry, whether this is tools, packages or passengers.

Its ergonomic designed cabin puts everything you need within your reach, using smart storage and a streamlined design. Shop the Nissan e-Townstar with Van Sales UK today, available in a panel van and a combi van.

Vauxhall e-Combo

The all-electric Vauxhall e-Combo optimises efficiency without compromising on mobility. It features three driving modes for greater control over handling, range and running costs. POWER provides maximum performance, NORMAL a balanced drive and ECO champions range and energy efficiency.

Get the Vauxhall e-Combo from Van Sales UK, for free fast delivery, 3-year warranty and free breakdown cover.

Citroen e-Berlingo

Recognisable Citroen but with an electric twist, the Citroen e-Berlingo has been redesigned to bring a fresh design and amazing performance. It’s an extremely versatile vehicle, with a large load volume and plenty of space for passengers, perfect for whatever type of business or use you have.

Get your hands on a Citroen e-Berlingo today from Van Sales UK. Available in a choice of colours and nationwide free delivery.

Small Electric Vans For Sale From Van Sales UK

If you’re looking for brand new or used electric vans for sale, work with Van Sales UK today. We have hundreds of amazing quality vans for sale, so you can find a made and model that is perfect for you.

If you’re not in the market to buy outright, we also offer vans on leasing, finance and part exchange, so call now on 0117 205 2627 to get your new electric van journey started today.


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