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Which Best Selling Tipper is Right For You?

August 25th, 2021

Tipper vans are a very practical way of offloading items and materials to improve the efficiency of your business. However, there are a lot of tipper vans to choose from. It’s important to understand their differences so that you can come to a realistic decision about your specific requirements.  This guide outlines the differences between our top-selling tippers, both the single and double cab ford transit tippers, and the Nissan Interstar.

Why Should You Buy a Tipper Van?

Tipper vans have a traditional van cab up front but its rear is composed of a trailer that is able to tilt upwards to offload the contents much easier. This is especially useful for companies that deal with large, awkward, and heavy objects. For instance, tree surgeons who move large parts of trees, construction companies who transport large quantities of materials, and vehicle hire companies who transport smaller vehicles like bikes, will all find a tipper van useful.

Tipper vans usually have large payloads of between 900 and 2,000kg and have towing capacities of roughly 750kg without a brake and around 3,000 with a brake.

Which Tipper is Right for You?

Ford Transit Single Cab: The single cab tipper is a popular and classic option when it comes to buying a tipper for your construction or industrial business. It has a much higher payload than some of its competitors, like the Nissan Interstar, but this does make it heavier and slower. That being said, with the ford transit van being so popular, you won’t struggle to find spare parts and cheaper accessories.

Ford Transit Double Cab: The double cab tipper is the same as the single cab, only with an extra row of seats behind the traditional three. This allows for extra employees to be transported along with any materials or items in the trailer. Yet, this added practicality does come with a higher price tag and a heavier and larger build.

Nissan Interstar: Although Nissan isn’t a primary player when it comes to supplying construction and industry vehicles, its Interstar tipper is an extremely competitive option. It has a lighter-weight chassis and its tipping trailer has a smaller form factor, making it a more nimble option than its larger alternatives.

Why Should You Buy a Tipper Van From Van Sales?

At Van Sales UK we aim to help your business run smoothly and effectively. This means that we provide extended service intervals where it’s appropriate and can offer low-rate finance or zero deposit finance options. This means that you can pay for our services in a way that better suits you. Plus, we offer a range of vehicle accessories, free UK delivery, and a manufacturer’s warranty. This package makes out tipper vans an excellent investment for your construction or industrial company, especially as the models discussed here all have new 2022 spec.

If you have any further questions about buying a tipper van then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling 0117 428 7721 today!


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