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Which Electric Vans Have The Best Range?

January 11th, 2023

When searching for a versatile van in 2023, there are a huge number of optional features, road essentials and fantastic conversions to consider. These assorted attributes will likely vary depending on the intended use of your vehicle, therefore making an informed decision on the make and model of your automobile won’t always be straightforward. Across-the-board, the range capabilities of an electric van will set it apart from the rest, which is exactly why Van Sales UK have set out this handy guide for those seeking a sustainable tradesperson vehicle which stays on the road for longer.

Read on and dive into our rankings for electric vans with the best range in 2023, from the much-loved Ford e-Transit, to under-the-radar gems such as the Maxus e-Deliver 9.

The Benefits Of Going Electric

Though the main environmental benefit of driving an electric van remains, there are plenty more reasons to swap in your traditional diesel 4-wheeler and opt for a battery-powered van. Not only do electric vans comply with the much-mentioned government incentive to largely adopt zero emission cars and vans on the roads by 2035, but there are notably other perks to review. Running costs for an electric van are considerably less than that of a similarly sized fuel-reliant van, and charging could hardly be easier from the home.

Alongside this cheaper form of fueling your vehicle, investing in an EV will also separate you from other drivers on your daily commute, allowing you to swerve the gradually-increasing congestion charges incurred within clean-air zones. Electric vehicles are expected to become even more commonplace on the roads in 2023, thanks also to the smooth driving experience, and willingness for recognisable brands to release similar ‘e’ variants of their flagship models.

What Is Range?

In layman’s terms, the range of an electric vehicle will generally indicate the distance a vehicle would be capable of driving on a full battery, until the charge runs out completely. Electric cars and vans are able to travel further than you may expect with a fully-charged battery, and some cars can even maintain a range of up to 350 miles. Generally, an electric van can be expected to travel for around 100 to 150 miles before requiring a full charge, although the van choices featured in this list are capable of this and then some.

Vans with a superior overall range will be able to complete long haul journeys with charge to spare, requiring less stops to provide electricity, and ultimately contributing to a smoother trip. Fantastic for couriers, local tradespeople and individuals who regularly navigate from A to B, complete lengthy detours in an environmentally conscious manner with these high-range electric vans, each available from Van Sales UK!

4th Place – 185 Miles

Maxus e-Deliver 9

A somewhat surprising pick in 4th is the under-the-radar Maxus e-Deliver 9. With a hefty range of 185 miles when the battery is fully charged, owners of this model can expect fewer charging stops when taking to the roads. Though Maxus isn’t a household name as it stands within the EV van market, the e-Deliver 9 can be acquired in a number of body types, from construction industry tippers, to classic panel van models and bulky Lutons with satisfactory payload credentials.

3rd Place – 186 Miles

Renault e-Kangoo

The e-Kangoo from Renault is of course a fully-electric variant of the classic Kangoo van, and maintains all of the benefits of the original, while possessing a range of 186 miles – landing it in a respectable 3rd place. This firm tradesperson’s favourite is also available with body types to suit the occasion, and boasts an attractive design, easy charging capabilities as well as an impressive navigability on winding and varied city roads.

2nd Place – 196 Miles

Ford e-Transit

Just missing out on the glory of 1st place, the all-rounder Ford e-Transit is favoured by many for possessing a high payload, plenty of passenger and driver room within the front cab as well as optional additions including expanded storage, safety extras and more. A range of 196 miles is hugely impressive, and provides somewhat of an insight into this flagship Ford model and the consistent popularity it has retained over the years. Dipping just shy of the 200 mile mark, consider the e-Transit a ‘Jack Of All Trades’.

Joint 1st Place – 205 Miles

Citroen e-Dispatch, Fiat e-Scudo, Peugeot e-Expert, Toyota Proace Electric and Vauxhall Vivaro-e

Finding themselves in joint 1st place with ranges of over 200 miles each are recognisable variants from Citroen, Fiat, Peugeot, Toyota and Vauxhall. It’s no real surprise to see a selection of the nation’s most trusted manufacturers at the very top, and each of these great options can be acquired from our selection. To put it into perspective a 205 mile drive would constitute a trip from Bristol to London and back!

EV convenience is epitomised by the fast charging options which open up to those with the capabilities of charging their vehicles at home without fuss. Whether you opt to do so overnight or during periods of inactivity in the day, a fully charged battery within each of these specific models will provide 200+ miles of leeway.

Other Options To Consider

If affordability and an overall satisfactory drive is what you’re after, allow us to be your personal electric van selectors. Our online catalogue is growing every day, and with finance, part-exchange and limited-time offers to browse, there are EV picks for even the fussiest of fleets:

Nissan Interstar Low Loader

The Nissan Interstar Low Loader is one of our picks for those who regularly deal with difficult heavy loads, and benefits from a range of handy features including considerable storage capacity and a low-to-the-ground chassis. Fantastic for tradespeople seeking a van that is large, multi-purposeful and low to the ground – the Interstar Low Loader is capable of it all.

Iveco Daily

The Iveco Daily’s closest rivals tend to be light trucks over large vans. However, since it still maintains the sizing and driving position of a van, the Daily has the potential to be far more city-friendly. The Daily’s structure also yields some enormous body variants, particularly when it comes to length, making this the king in waiting of sizable vans.

Nissan Townstar

Both the petrol and electric versions of the van can carry a maximum payload of 800kg which is more than enough for small and large businesses alike. Payload, carriage capacity and optional features are all ticked off, while body variants keep things interesting. If you’ve been intrigued by the electric options within this blog, an ‘e’ Townstar variant can even be acquired.

Van Sales UK: Large And Small Electric Vans For Sale Nationwide

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