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Why Are Electric Vans Great In Urban Environments?

Why Are Electric Vans Great In Urban Environments - Van Sales UK
September 18th, 2023

Electric vehicles are on the rise, and for good reason! There are a range of advantages to owning an electric vehicle, and in urban spaces they can function extremely well too. To find out more about electric vans in urban environments, and why this might be the best option for your business, keep on reading!

Electric Vans: Explained

Electric vans, and other electric vehicles fall into two main categories:

  • Hybrid Vehicles – These vehicles are powered by a combination of engine power and electric power.
  • Fully Electric – Fully electric vehicles are vans that have no combustion engine and are solely powered by batteries for electric vehicles.

Things To Consider

When it comes to owning and driving an electric vehicle, there are several differences from regular vehicles that make your driving experience a little different.

  • Charging – As opposed to regular vans, you will have to think about charging your electric van, and having EV charging points installed for your business or for your home. If you’re making long journeys, you need to plan so that you have access to public charging stations.
  • Range – You may be worried about the range of your electric vehicle, but they can go for almost 200 miles on one charge, and overnight charging should leave you with plenty of miles.
  • Cost – Small commercial vans and personal electric vans are made with new tech and components, so don’t feel overwhelmed by the upfront cost, as they return your investment in the long term.

Electric Vans & Urban Spaces

Electric vehicles in urban areas are extremely beneficial, and they are generally great for driving around town.

One of the main factors that makes most electric vans great for urban areas is the reduced amount of emissions. Cities are already saturated spots for light, air and sound pollution, so switching to electric vehicles  is much better.

For urban drivers who need to park, drive and turn in smaller streets, electric vans make great city vehicles.

In urban areas there will also be more access to charging stations around the city, so you don’t need to worry about constantly having a fully charged vehicle.

Electric vehicles are also great for city driving because they require less maintenance, no fuel, and they have a fast pick up in stop/start situations, which is extremely beneficial to the driver.


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