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Why buy the Isuzu Grafter?

Isuzu Grafter
August 5th, 2022

When it comes to running a business, be it construction, labouring, painting or decorating, there are few assets as valuable as your mode of transport. For most working in manual trades, their chosen mode of transport is a van. There are a number of practical reasons for this, such as capacity, payload and fuel economy. 

Choosing the right van is an important decision for any business owner, and with a number of things to consider, it can sometimes feel like there is an overwhelming amount of choice. One of many factors that will dictate your choice of transport is, of course, the type of work you do. It sounds obvious but this should be first on your list of considerations. 

Many businesses will opt for a panel or Luton van for their team and equipment, as these vans are versatile and usually rather efficient. However, there are many trades and projects for which these types of vehicles just aren’t suitable. For certain work, a larger van with a higher payload capacity will be required. 

In these situations, a dropside or tipper truck is the ideal solution for a multitude of reasons. In particular, the Isuzu Grafter is an incredibly versatile vehicle, available in both dropside and tipper models. 

Here is our guide to the Isuzu Grafter and its many brilliant features.

The Isuzu Grafter

First and foremost, the Isuzu Grafter is an award-winning vehicle designed for work. For those working in trades that often transport materials, heavy goods or debris, there are few trucks more versatile and capable than the Isuzu Grafter. Boasting an immense payload alongside brilliant manoeuvrability and suspension, this truck really is an all-rounder. 

Here at Van Sales UK, we are proud to offer the Isuzu Grafter in both its dropside and tipper models, giving you ultimate flexibility when it comes to finding a vehicle fit for your work.

Isuzu Grafter Dropside

As mentioned above, the Isuzu Grafter is available with a dropside loading area, giving you easy access to contents and enabling efficient loading and unloading.

With regards to its technical specifications, we offer the single cab Isuzu Grafter with manual transmission, a diesel engine and a variety of colours to choose from.

The 14 foot long dropside loading area also features a 1300kg payload, making it ideal for the transportation of heavy items and materials. Moreover, boasting rear-wheel drive, seat covers and floor mats,  this van is not only practical, but comfortable too.

Benefits of Dropside Trucks

Essentially, dropside trucks do what they say on the tin. Recognisable via their short foldable sides attached by hinges at the bottom. This allows them to drop down and provide access to the loading area with ease. As the sides are able to fold down lower than the level of the truck’s bed, there is less chance of damage occurring to side panels during the loading and unloading process.

For projects and businesses focussing on construction or transportation of materials and equipment, dropside vehicles are a popular choice. They are perfect for loading and moving all kinds of materials and heavy loads. From bricks and palettes to timber, concrete and paving stones, a dropside vehicle such as the Isuzu Grafter has a wide range of potential.

What’s more, dropside trucks are also incredibly popular among gardeners, landscapers and tree surgeons. Not only do they provide ample storage capacity, but they also feature plenty of anchor points that help to secure loads and prevent any kind of slipping or accidents.

Isuzu Grafter Tipper

In addition to the availability of the single cab dropside model, we also offer the Isuzu Grafter as a single cab tipper. This model is ideal for a wide range of professions, boasting efficiency, practicality and comfort. 

As is the case with both the dropside and tipper models, the Isuzu Grafter operates a manual, diesel transmission with 2 doors to the cab. What’s more, with a range of colours available you’re sure to find one that suits your business and personal preferences.

Regarding the Isuzu Grafter’s tipper loading area, it features an impressive 1200kg payload and measures 10.5ft in length. Additionally, the tipper model operates via rear-wheel drive and is fitted with a tow bar.

Benefits Of Tipper Trucks

Tipper trucks are often viewed as one of the most important vehicles on a worksite, boasting versatility and reliability in abundance. As tipper trucks such as the Isuzu Grafter feature brilliant manoeuvrability alongside high load capacities, they are incredibly cost and time efficient; tippers can transport large loads from one location to another in very few trips.

One of the greatest strengths of tipper trucks is, as the name suggests, their ability to offload their contents at precise locations. Through the use of hydraulics, the bed of the truck tilts and lifts, effectively unloading any cargo, debris or waste onto the specified zone. This saves a huge amount of time and effort as it bypasses the need to manually unload the contents from the truck.

Tipper trucks, such as the Isuzu Grafter, are also brilliant for transporting waste that may be unsuitable for panel vans or dropside vehicles. Examples of this include crushed materials, aggregate, soil and bulk materials of any kind. They may also be used for the transportation of rubble from construction and demolition sites. 

Finance And New Van Deals 

For those within the world of construction and other trades involving the movement of materials and the transport of equipment, a van is a crucial asset for their business.

Here at Van Sales UK, we understand that while purchasing a new van upfront may be possible for some, for others it is not the most financially viable solution. We offer a number of purchase, hire and van finance options for our customers so you’re able to find a plan that suits your needs. These include:

  • Contract Hire: This is a form of long-term agreement, in which the hire period can range from 24 to 60 months.  Essentially, contract hire is a type of rental agreement, and does not offer the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the agreed period.
  • Finance Lease: This is a popular option for businesses when contract hire is not suitable. The lessee not only has operating control over the asset, but also some share of the economic risks and returns from the change in the valuation of the underlying asset. Not only is this option somewhat more flexible, it offers many tax advantages for those unable to buy a van upfront. 
  • Hire Purchase: Put simply, this is a form of rent-to-own agreement. During the hire purchase period, the customer pays a fixed monthly cost and, once all fees are paid at the end of the contract, the vehicle is theirs. 

Of course, certain options will be better suited to the needs of your business than others. That’s why we offer outright purchase, contract hire,  finance lease and hire purchase on both the dropside and tipper models of the Isuzu Grafter. 

Van Sales Bristol & Beyond

There is no doubt that the Isuzu grafter does exactly what it was designed to do; this vehicle is powerful, versatile and efficient. Suitable for a wide range of projects, from construction to tree surgery, this truck is undeniably a worthwhile investment. 

As well as the number of finance and purchase options available, as well as choice of colour and model, all of our new Isuzu Grafters come with a manufacturer’s warranty and breakdown cover. If that’s not enough, we also offer free mainland UK delivery on all our vehicles!

Van Sales UK

For all of your business’s needs whether it’s a panel van, tipper or dropside truck, look no further than Van Sales UK. We take pride in offering huge discounts on a massive range of new and used vans. 

We care about our clients and make customer-service top priority. If you have a question or query, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team.

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