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Why Might I Need A Van Fleet?

Why Might I Need A Van Fleet - Van Sales UK
October 11th, 2023

If you’re a business owner considering the acquisition of several vans for practical tasks, you’ll no-doubt already have your own reason for wanting to do so. Whether moving ahead with a fleet due to the growth of your service nationally, or taking the plunge due to an increase in staff numbers, there are an array of situations which may call upon the introduction of a well-managed fleet. Here at Vanaways, we’re passionate about sourcing the best deals for those we work with, offering a comprehensive range of helpful services, not simply limited to finding you the right automobiles and van fleets for your context. Read ahead and discover the plentiful perks of pressing ahead with a van choice.

The Purpose Of A Fleet

A vehicle fleet is a group of motor vehicles that are owned or leased by a business instead of individuals using their own vehicles, and of the 3.6 million+ vans used for business across the UK, many of these are part of separate and distinct fleets. Operating under the same organisation, one of the main advantages of investing in a van fleet is that it allows you to grow your business and streamline operations rather than scrambling around in a rush. With multiple vehicles, you can take longer routes and spend more time with customers without having to worry about the vehicle being out of action – a major perk, and certainly not the only benefit either.

Van Suppliers, Management And Maintenance

Management and maintenance of a fleet is just as crucial as selecting the vehicle initially, as a poorly functioning van can lead to a drop-off in performance. Managing a fleet isn’t as simple as laying out ground-rules and occasionally telling individuals what you expect of them – there are logistics to account for, and plenty of aspects to upkeep. When purchasing commercial vehicles from a manufacturer directly, you don’t have access to someone who deals with the whole of the market, while we will be able to review your individual business – and address any specific concerns or questions while providing expert advice.

A Reliable Provider

Get in touch with our industry expert Account Managers to find the best new vans for your fleet. Whether your priority is to source vans with the lowest running cost or emissions, you have immediate requirements and favour quick delivery, or you’re on the market for vans with the latest technology, we’re here to help. There are so many different types of vehicles, so it can sometimes take a professional to make sure everything is taken care of – from acquisition to disposal and everything in between, during its life.

Searching for a new, finance-available or lease-ready van option to add to your fleet? Operating as a broker, at Vanaways we work with over 10 leading manufacturers, supplying their brand new and pre-registered vans direct to you – with massive savings over the dealer network. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about our leading vehicle options and fleet management solutions – we would be delighted to assist!


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