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Why Should I Consider A New Van For 2024

Why Should I Consider A New Van - Van Sales UK
December 7th, 2023

A time of change, the new year is usually a period of adaptation and adjustment – and while this usually applies to resolutions or lifestyle changes, why not acquire a new business vehicle or everyday road van? From classic Ford Transit options to new and unique versatile cargo vans, at Vanaways we promise an adaptable collection of automobiles for you to browse.

Take a look through this comprehensive blog for everything you need to know about acquiring a new van in 2024 – with specs, personal work needs and seasonal deals all covered!

Changing Needs

Whether 2024 has a new role in store, or you’ve made a commitment to going electric on the roads, change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We often work with individuals who need a larger vehicle for a growing family, and just as frequently, we find that those we work with are on the market for a more spacious vehicle in terms of payload. All details are listed on our site, making for a transparent browsing experience – meaning you’ll never be left in the dark when scanning for that perfect van in the new year.

Exclusive Deals

Vanaways has a reputation both locally and nationally for meeting and exceeding customer expectations, with a large pool of returning customers trusting us with their fleets. Work with our team to unlock exclusive deals, offers and guarantees on some of the most desirable van models, with competitive pricing one of our primary selling points.  By avoiding auctions to buy our used vans, we are able to be competitive with our used van sales, and even with brand new models, we commit to deals with major manufacturers to get our huge discounts.

Environmental Consideration

We should all be trying to do our bit to help the environment, and whether you’ve set yourself carbon footprint targets in 2024, or you’re simply fed up with those charges to enter clean-air zones in the city centre, electric and hybrid vans are an increasingly tempting proposition. With charging increasingly easier and government grants available for some, there has literally never been a better time to go electric.

Finance And Part Exchange Value

Not keen for the large outgoing sum of a new van to depart your account any time soon? We’re equipped to offer vans on finance or even via part exchange in some circumstances. Either finance your van via monthly payments, or receive a large chunk of money off your purchase by swapping in an existing van model you own. This may be favourable if you’ve grown tired of your existing work van, and require a new option to both look the part and perform competently.

On the market for a new van option but not sure if you’re looking in the right places? Vanaways are here for you.  Unlike a lot of our competitors, we offer new and used vans – with many new vans available from manufacturers,  and around 100 used vans on site in Bristol. Whatever your reason for needing a new van, contact us for exactly what you need!


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