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Battle of the Tippers: Ford E-Transit vs Vauxhall Movano-e

April 6th, 2023

Many van manufacturers have been proficient in recent years at bringing out a range of electric vans to compliment their combustion counterparts, with this even extending to different body variants. Tradespeople will be glad to know that there are now many electric tipper vans on the market – but how well do these actually perform?

To find out, in this review we’ll be comparing the electric tipper versions of two of the most well-known and trustworthy vans on the market: the Ford E-Transit Tipper and the Vauxhall Movano-e Tipper.

Read on below to see how well the two perform and how they compare.

Engines and Spec

One of the most important things to look at when considering the performance of an electric vehicle is its power capabilities. With the Ford E-Transit, these certainly aren’t lacking; utilising a 68kWh battery, the chassis cab that makes up the E-Transit tipper offers an exceptional 157 miles of range on a full charge, which is considerable compared to that which is managed by similar electric tipper vans – even those with more powerful batteries.

Thanks to the battery size, there is no compromise on charging time, either. Using an AC wallbox that you would have installed at home, the E-Transit tipper takes 8-11 to fully charge, depending on whether you have an output of 7kW or 11kW. As for DC rapid charging that you can find at public charging stations, this will get the battery up to 80% in as little as 34 minutes.

The Movano-e Tipper, on the other hand, uses a slightly larger 75kWh battery, which, despite being more powerful, offers a slightly lower range of 154 miles, though this is still more than enough to  complete your daily tasks, as we assume that you won’t likely be taking your tipper van on long-distance motorway journeys.

The downfall of having this larger battery, though, is that it does impact charging times slightly. Using a standard 7kW AC wall charger, you need to wait a full 12 hours for the battery to regain full capacity, which makes it best for charging overnight before you need to use the van for work in the morning. DC charging also takes slightly longer, with the battery reaching 80% in an hour.

However, with so much battery power, the Movano-e does have the advantage of a generous 350Nm of torque and a maximum speed of 75mph, making it ideal for driving in fast-paced traffic and keeping up with traffic on dual carriageways or motorways should this be required.


When it comes to tipper vans, sufficient loading capabilities are essential. With the Movano-e Tipper, there is plenty of loading space to suit your needs, with a generous 2,040mm by 3,205mm available. This is similar in the E-Transit Tipper, where there is 2,038mm by 3,645mm of load space offered along with a maximum payload of 1,341kg (though it is worth noting that this does not include the weight of the tipper float itself or the driver).

As important as this is, something else that must not be overlooked is how pleasant the driving experience is, especially considering that you’ll be in your van almost every day. If comfort is what you’re after, then that’s exactly what you’ll get when it comes to the E-Transit Tipper.

Complete with a SYNC 4 12” touchscreen infotainment system, the E-Transit screams modernity both in its aesthetics and practicality, offering wireless smartphone connection, a large and clear to read instrument cluster, keyless entry and a heated windscreen. It is also ergonomically designed with innovative solutions, which we discuss more in our E-Transit Review.

In comparison, the Movano-e Tipper does have a more dated appearance, although it is relatively spacious and (depending on the trim level) does offer numerous safety features, including forward collision alert, blind spot warning and more. Like all other Vauxhall LCV models, it also benefits from both Vauxhall Connect and the MyVauxhall app. You can find out more about how this app works in our Movano-e Tipper review.

The Verdict

Ideal for construction workers and independent contractors alike, both the Ford E-Transit Tipper and the Vauxhall Movano-e Tipper are excellent choices of electric tipper vans for those who regularly transport and tip large payloads whilst being comfortable and convenient to drive, as well as reducing your carbon footprint thanks to the fully electric transmission.

The only thing that’s not so favourable is their high price point, with both being upwards of £50,000 to purchase outright. When you reach out to Van Sales UK, this will no longer be an issue. With both vans brand new and currently in stock, we can offer them to you on low rate, zero-deposit finance, so you can spread the cost to make it more manageable.

Get in touch with us today to enquire about the electric tipper vans we have available and learn more about the finance options we can offer you.


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