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Fiat E-Ducato Tipper vs MAN eTGE Tipper

February 9th, 2023

If you’re looking to freely transport loose building materials or have more flexible options for the transportation of goods, a tipper van makes for a great commercial vehicle variant. Tippers are available in multiple wheelbases and make for a cost-effective way of lifting and depositing heavy goods with ease.

For those interested in a tipper variant of a light commercial vehicle, having an electric-powered model makes an increasing amount of sense, especially when considering the current laws around emissions and the costly price of fuel. Despite being somewhat costly to purchase outright, electric vans can potentially be a significantly more efficient and cost-effective alternative to diesel.

Both Fiat and MAN are two of the many van manufacturers to provide electric versions of their most popular vehicles, the Fiat E-Ducato and the MAN eTGE. These are both available in tipper variants, each a dynamic and versatile electric vehicle that can meet your needs from a light commercial vehicle. Whilst they are each great choices and there is no clear winner between them, read on to find out more about each van and which might suit you best.

Engines and Spec

Fiat have produced the Ducato since 1981 and is a staple of the diesel van market, an infrastructure that has made its electric transition into the E-Ducato widely-praised. The Fiat E-Ducato is available in two battery sizes, 47kwh and 79kwh,  but the 79kwh might be preferable if you’re interested in a tipper variant. This is because the larger batter size will provide increased torque, making the Fiat more powerful and comfortable when carrying larger loads. If you’re interested in fast charging, however, the 47kwh battery size is incredibly effective, needing merely two and a half hours to be completely filled up.

The MAN TGE, on the other hand, is a more recent addition to the van marketplace, and both the diesel and electric versions were highly-regarded, with its connection to Volkswagen keeping at the forefront of technical innovation. Whilst the MAN eTGE has a smaller battery size than the Fiat at 36kwh, it doesn’t ever feel lacking in torque, it simply uses the battery’s power incredibly effectively. It might also not have the fast-charging capabilities of the Fiat, it can still be fully charged in a respectable five and a half hours.

With the larger 79kwh battery, the Fiat E-Ducato can drive around 147-175 miles per charge, appearing to significantly trump the MAN eTGE’s mileage of 68-71 miles. However, not only is the eTGE able to generate new electricity when coasting, but the E-Ducato’s optimistic estimation which affected by driving style and, more importantly, payload, a factor vital for tipper variants.


The interior of the E-Ducato is no-nonsense and practical, but still comfortable and enjoyable to be in. Even in the single-cab tipper, a variant which can often feel slightly cramped and lacking in space, the Fiat’s cab feels roomy and boasts a multitude of storage options. It even has a helpful built in touchscreen infortaintment screen, available even in standard trim.

The Fiat has multiple driving modes, a feature especially helpful for electric vehicles, allowing you to manage both the performance and the economy during the course of the journey.  The E-Ducato also includes other features such as automatic climate control, heated mirrors, e-braking, blind spot assist, a lane departure warning system, traffic sign recognition, high beam recognition, and more.

The MAN eTGE has equally as much comfort in its cab, but with environmental considerations put at the forefront in its interior design. For example, the electric heating and air conditioning systems are high efficient and the vehicle’s lighting, multimedia systems, USB ports and assistance systems can all be ran in a savings mode which reduces energy consumption. The eTGE is also renowned for its quiet electric engine which makes stop-start city driving feel effortless and comfortable.

Beyond simply being available in multiple variants, both electric vehicles are fitted with practical features which help the driver optimise the vehicle for the respective specifications of its commercial usage.

The Verdict

The Fiat E-Ducato Tipper and MAN eTGE Tipper are both fantastic choices for an electric commercial vehicle. They both have an adaptability that goes beyond the availability in multiple variants, as each is fitted with technological features which allow you to optimise the driving experience. In a precarious economic terrain, these are are energy-efficient vehicles which can help you save valuable money in the long run.

Whilst both e-vans are similar in their quality and function as tippers, it could be argued that the FIat is increasingly specialised for longer journeys, with an impressive battery mileage and multiple driving modes. The MAN eTGE, on the other hand, with its quiet, comfortable driving experience, is more effective for inter-city, urban commercial usage.

If you’re interested in the tipper or other variants of the Fiat E-Ducato or MAN eTGE, get in touch with Van Sales UK today. At Van Sales UK, we stock a wide range of both new and used vans, available in multiple models and variants, in both electric and diesel. We also provide speedy nationwide delivery of our vans, as well as excellent warranty and breakdown cover, with competitive finance options and flexible part exchanges.

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