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Ford E-Transit Dropside vs MAN eTGE Dropside

February 2nd, 2023

Dropside vans are a great vehicle for commercial use, able to carry a large payload and offer an easy way to load and unload your goods. Their name does exactly what it says, with the sides of the cargo bed simply dropping down to allow for the loading and unloading to take place. After this is done, the sides can be easily raised and secured again, ready for transport.

In 2020, Ford expanded its range of vehicles by announcing the Ford e-Transit, a battery-electric powered van that has quickly become a popular choice for commercial customers. It is lauded for the variety of combinations it is available in, truly being a van that can suit anybody’s needs. One of those variants is the Ford E-Transit Dropside.

Electric vehicles have seen a big push in the last few years, so many car manufacturers have now released electric versions of their most popular vehicles. In 2018, MAN joined the electric van influx by releasing the all-electric MAN eTGE.

Here at Van Sales UK, we’re big fans of electric vehicles and dropside vans in general, so have put together this quick guide pitting the Ford E-Transit Dropside and the MAN eTGE Dropside against each other. They’re both great vans, but you might spot something in this review that will make the Ford or the MAN your next dropside van.

Engines and Spec

The MAN eTGE dropside can generate 290 Nm of torque from its permanently excited synchronous 100kW motor. It’s built for local driving, with a maximum speed of around 90 kilometres per hour and a range of around 70 miles. There are also three charging options, so you can recharge on the go and be back on the road in no time. It also has the great benefit of creating its own electricity, transferring energy lost when the vehicle is coasting right back into the electric motor.

The E-Transit, as mentioned in our full review, is powered by a 400-volt battery that has 68 kWh of usable battery. On a full charge, this battery has an impressive range of nearly 200 miles, but this does depend on the driving conditions and your efficiency while driving. Similar to the eTGE, this van uses a regenerative braking system that will help to recover energy and channel it back into the motor.

It is an incredibly nimble vehicle, making use of a reworked rear suspension to help smooth out any bumps in the road. There is a detuned 135kW version available but for the dropside, you will probably prefer the 198kW option due to the large amount of cargo you will probably be driving with.


You can expect a comfortable and efficient interior from the e-Transit. As mentioned in our full review, the diesel equivalent of the e-Transit was praised for its great interior. The cabin is spacious, aided by the fact the gear lever and traditional handbrake have been replaced by a rotary dial that controls the transmission.

The displays around the cab now shows how the battery is being used instead of a rev counter, which is great to see the range of the vehicle and also how economically you’re driving. It also has a 12-inch central touchscreen with a great infotainment system. This system is straightforward to use and has excellent integration with smartphones and tablets.

In terms of the MAN eTGE, it has a sleek, well-thought-through and modern interior. This comes with plenty of storage and space to put your things, with secure storage available for items you do not wish to leave unattended. The eTGE comes with a multifunctional screen that you can use for navigation or as a media player.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for the Ford E-Transit Dropside or the MAN eTGE Dropside, then visit the Van Sales UK website today. We also sell both vans in different body types, so you can get an E-Transit or an eTGE in whatever style you want, including tipper, Luton and panel van variations.

Why shop with Van Sales UK? Well, we offer free fast delivery of our vans nationwide, so you can expect your van to arrive as soon as you need it. We also offer a great warranty and breakdown cover, as well as competitive finance options and part exchanges welcome.

So if you have any questions about either of these vans or Van Sales UK in general, give us a call today at 0117 205 2625.


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