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Luton: Citroen E-Relay vs Volkswagen E-Crafter

March 31st, 2023

When exploring Luton vans, there are so many factors to consider, from the enhanced storage space, driving range for those longer journeys, cab features and assorted visual elements. Whether you’re a tradesperson, overseeing a fleet of vehicles or simply investing in a new family motor, Citroen and Volkswagen are two of the most credible manufacturers around. As tough as it is comparing two universally loved van variants, below we’ll be delving into the specific metrics, gadgets, drive quality observations and more – to give you a better understanding of the individual qualities retained by each.

You don’t get this far without keeping your audience in mind, and this could hardly be more obvious when considering the design of these respective electric Lutons. Designed with input from UK businesses, including Gatwick and Heathrow airports, the Volkswagen E-Crafter allows an expansive audience of urban delivery companies and local drivers to keep operating in zero-emission zones – which are expected to become increasingly prevalent in 2023.

Citroen can attest to a highly usable van design as well, which is not only smooth and quiet to drive, but also offering abundant space with hassle-free loading. For those who require a generous loading space as part of their occupation, the Luton body is spacious and sturdy, ideal for storing and transporting large goods Continue reading to learn more, and for a wide array of diesel, petrol and electric vans, don’t hesitate to take a look at the updated Van Sales UK range.

Engines and Spec

Utilising the exact same 35kW battery as the VW E-Golf, the E-Crafter is capable of an estimated 107-mile range, while it can be recharged to 80% in just 45 minutes. Extremely convenient, and unsurprisingly much cheaper to run than any conventional diesel or petrol vehicle. Slightly improved from its predecessor with the  battery located beneath the floor, users can expect an automobile that feels planted and stable on the road. Quick and smooth as standard, space is at a premium, while the additional Luton storage space adds considerable cargo space, ideal for materials and equipment.

The Citroen e-Relay Luton is meanwhile equipped with a 75kW battery, promising a competitive range of 154 miles. Regardless of the impressive potential for longer trips, a 50kW public charger will juice the battery up to 85% in as little as 45 minutes – so you’ll be back on the roads in under an hour. Payload considered, 1147kg compares impressively with rival electric Luton vans on the market – tactically stashing the battery beneath the storage space. Intrigued? Consider our comprehensive standalone review for further insights and additional detail on specific features..


Retaining a spacious front cabin – the ideal place to spend the working day – three open-top compartments, two cupholders and a central storage space are just the beginning when scoping out the Volkswagen’s interior. Clear analogue dials rest behind the steering wheel, and an infotainment screen mounted between the two air vents also enhance the centre of the cabin. Gadgets and safety additions are noticeable immediately, with post-collision braking and crosswind assistance systems just as desirable as the comfortable seating, multimedia system and family features.

French manufacturers Citroen remain the kings of comfort, testament to this is the removal of the gear stick,  replaced with an intuitive button design to easily choose your drive mode from Drive, Neutral or Reverse. Room for two additional passengers leaves you with sufficient legroom to spare, and as for comfort and safety, there are up to 11 driver aids available, including grip control and a comprehensive traction control system that can aid the driver and improve passenger comfort over a range of varied terrains.

The Verdict/Snapshot

In summary, as with any electric vehicles, the Citroen E-Relay and Volkswagen E-Crafter are slightly on the pricey side, however, once you’ve made the purchase, you’ll benefit from reduced operating costs and lower maintenance, which will certainly equal savings on a monthly basis. With Luton convenience and that predictable electric vehicle versatility, both of these desirably designed vans are certainly contenders in 2023 in beyond.

While the E-Crafter is perhaps the more well-rounded of the pair, with a greater driving range and considerate storage options aplenty, cab comfort reigns supreme within the E-Relay. Neck-and-neck in many metrics, the poignant choice comes down to comfort and what you prefer to look for in a business vehicle.

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