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Luton: Ford e-Transit vs Volkswagen E-Crafter

March 31st, 2023

Due to increasing concerns about the planet and quality, many urban spaces have introduced low emission zones to help control and reduce the pollution caused by fuel emitting vehicles. While this is great for our lungs, it’s even better for car manufacturers who have started going fuel-free and electric vehicles are certainly making a dent in the commercial vehicle market.

Both Ford and Volkswagen are household names. Volkswagen have earned a reputation for excellence within the commercial vehicle industry, and the Volkswagen E-Crafter Luton is no exception. Ford went electric in 2020 with the E-Transit, a battery-powered electric cargo van, and recently released a new model in 2023. In this review we aim to look at both, side by side, to compare the pros and cons.

And why  go Luton? Well, if you’re looking for a commercial van that has the capacity of a lorry but the agility of something smaller, then you’ve met your match. Firm favourite of removal specialists, delivery drivers, logistics firms and small business owners, this is a practical and reliable form of transport that you might find you can’t live without.

Engines and Spec

Measurements are the name of the game with the Ford E-Transit. With a gross payload of 1758kg as well as 15.1 cubic metres of cargo storage, those who need to lift large loads won’t be disappointed. Using a unibody chassis design instead of a separate frame, the payload capacity is increased by up to 600 pounds. The Luton overhang is accessible from the back of the van and can be used to store smaller goods, with the main body great for larger loads. In this case, size really does matter and the Ford E-Transit delivers.

Power certainly isn’t an issue either. With a 68kWh battery that has a driving range of nearly 200 miles on a full charge, the Ford E-Transit is  a great choice for longer journeys that require motorway usage.

Zippy and quick, the Volkswagon E-Crafter is powered by a 35kWh lithium-ion battery which offers more than enough for city driving and urban navigation. Its range of 107 miles won’t win any prizes, but it’s a great choice for short trips such as urban deliveries, site work, removals and so on.

A highlight of note for the E-Crafter, though, is charging speed.  The 35kWh lithium-ion battery is well-suited to quick charges and can reach 80% capacity in just 40 minutes. Perfect for a rapid battery top up over a lunch break.


With innovation at the forefront, the Ford E-Transit has a pleasing amount of tech and gadgets. The digital information display on the E-Transit’s dashboard is easy to read and also features an electronic screen to offer you key insights into your vehicle, allowing the driver to alter their driving style accordingly. Drivers can even stay connected with an integrated 12” touchscreen infotainment system, with modern vehicle connectivity features, such as compatibility with Apple CarPlay. To learn more about the Ford E-Transit, read our detailed full review here.

The Volkswagen E-Crafter doesn’t skimp on interior quality either. With a well-designed layout, this commercial van boasts numerous great features, including tech and safety additions. Among its many eye-catching characteristics, the E-Crafter Luton is fitted with a large infotainment screen, park assist, post-collision braking, lane keeping assist and trailer assist. The cold is also no longer an issue thanks to the heated windscreen, heated steering wheel and heated seats, ideal for those who get a little chilly when doing the rounds.

The Verdict

Both vans boast a modern and comfortable interior with a plethora of funky features that will please even the most discerning van owner. The point of difference here really  is power and payload.

So if you’re looking for a vehicle to do some serious heavy lifting, you might be better off with the Ford E-Transit Luton. However, if you’re looking for a nippy van that’s primarily for urban environments and quick to charge, then the Volkswagen E-Crafter Luton could be the one for you.

Van Sales UK has the brand new Ford E-Transit Luton available with low rate, zero deposit finance, starting from £499 plus VAT. Available at a similar price point, the  Volkswagen E-Crafter Luton comes at a starting cost of £479 plus VAT.

We know that purchasing electric vans can be expensive, so we have a range of options available to help shoulder the cost. If you are interested in what you’ve read but want to know more about our purchasing, leasing and financing options or want to find out more about other electric vans that we have in stock, then get in contact with Van Sales UK today!


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