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Luton: Maxus E Deliver 9 vs Peugeot e-Boxer

March 9th, 2023

Luton vans are a fantastic choice for tradespeople, delivery drivers and construction workers alike – with the Maxus E Deliver 9 and Peugeot e-Boxer both fantastic variants from trustworthy manufacturers. Capable of accommodating your belongings, and with a significant height increase, these great electric models each offer distinct advantages. Though Maxus certainly doesn’t have the same history as rivals such as Peugeot, the exciting Chinese brand is likely to soon become a recognisable household name if they continue with the quality of the E Deliver 9 Luton.

As sustainable as it is reliable, the Peugeot e-Boxer offers a more environmentally conscious mode of transport – and with the battery installed under the floor, cargo space remains unaffected. Similarly, the E Deliver 9 (a bulkier larger alternative to the E Deliver 3) represents outstanding performance, high efficiency and reliability too, with proven electric functionality. Features and optional extras within both EVs range from desirable safety inclusions and techy gadgets for long drives, among tradesperson-specific storage essentials and much more.

More specifically, the technical specs of both are more than capable, though we’ll cover this in more detail further into the review. Rest assured that the e-Boxer offers plenty of miles of drive per charge thanks to its large battery. In tandem with the trusty Maxus E Deliver 9 – kitted out with a good range and satisfactory payload. Worried this may compromise space and comfort? The Maxus in particular retains a roomy interior, promising excess legroom and passenger comfort to put your mind at ease.

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Engines and Spec

Any van can look good on paper, though the numbers certainly don’t lie. You can naturally expect an electric van to struggle in some areas when compared to similarly sized diesel contemporaries, though both of these handy designs give you plenty of bang for your buck. Few of the specs within the E Deliver 9 Luton are eye-catching for those more accustomed to driving non-electric vans, although the desirable 219 mile range is simply fantastic when sized up to other electric competitors. In fact, this is more than capable considering you’re unlikely to cover the entire range distance in a single day, and can easily charge overnight. Not meagre by any stretch, the Peugeot retains a range of 154 miles, which is still considerably higher than many large-van rivals

Maxus don’t pull any punches on the payload if the E Deliver is a benchmark, measuring up at 1290kg overall. Detailed further in our original Maxus review, there are additional compartments and storage spaces to stash away belongings, and despite the limited use in inner-city areas due in part to the enhanced-length storage area and length, you’re getting the best of both worlds with this all-rounder – an excess of secure space as well as a competitive range.


Depending on the conditions of your business, a comfy interior can be just as important as a sizable storage area or reasonable range. For those who spend plenty of time on the road, using their form of transport as an office on wheels, gadgets and a consideration for comfort will certainly be worthwhile. The E Deliver 9 is a very large van, with an extremely spacious cabin considerate of quality, safety and convenience. Comfort is ensured with an interactive 10 inch touch screen, 8-direction adjustable driver’s seat with armrest and varied driving modes.

The Peugeot e-Boxer isn’t quite so high up on the comfort scale, however the cabin area does feature some intuitive features to make your drive smoother. The cabin also features numerous storage spaces and a 5” touchscreen infotainment display with an integrated navigation system, for additional convenience – ideal for delivery drivers. In addition to this, a helpful screen display clearly shows helpful information to the driver, such as the remaining battery percentage, range in miles and driving mode.

The Verdict/Snapshot

In summary, both Maxus and Peugeot have excelled with these two electric Luton designs. Though it would be unfair to compare these models, the complete and visually pleasing exterior of the e-Boxer is certainly a selling point, while the e Deliver 9 deserves to be labelled as a ‘jack of all trades’. Place either up against your everyday tradesperson van and you’ll quickly realise the attention-to-detail which has been put into the pair of them – retaining the considerate design of a diesel option, with the eco-functionality of market-leading EVs.

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