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MAN TGE Tipper vs MAN eTGE Electric Tipper

January 24th, 2023

Founded in 1893, MAN Truck & Bus SE is a leading international provider of commercial vehicles, including vans, trucks, coaches and buses.

Like many other leading manufacturers, MAN has made the decision to add electric variations of their most popular diesel vans, to offer road users the chance to benefit from lower running costs and a more environmentally-friendly option for lifting and transporting loose building materials.

While the diesel-powered MAN TGE is a light commercial vehicle that first saw production in the 2010s and proved a popular and reliable choice for customers, the addition of the all-electric eTGE sent waves in the commercial van market, making deciding between the MAN TGE Tipper and the eTGE Tipper a difficult choice to make.

As with many electric vehicles, the eTGE Tipper is slightly more expensive than the diesel-powered MAN TGE Tipper, however, the option to buy on finance at Van Sales UK makes snapping up both vehicles much easier.

Not only this, but if you are worried about the cost of the electric version, it is worth noting that over a period of four years, the total cost of ownership of the MAN eTGE Tipper is equivalent to that of the diesel-powered TGE. In the long term, the MAN eTGE may even be the more economical option – thanks to government funding, tax benefits and reduced energy costs.

There will be no winner as both vans offer different benefits depending on your individual needs, but if you are struggling to decide between the electric and diesel MAN TGE, then keep on reading for an in-depth comparison of the engine, specs and interior of these impressive vans.

Engines and Spec

The biggest difference between the MAN TGE Tipper and the eTGE Tipper, is, of course, the engine.

The MAN TGE Tipper is equipped with a 2-litre diesel engine, 3640mm wheelbase and generously sized loading area. Power outputs are 102hp, 122hp and 140hp for the single-turbo version, plus 177hp for the twin-turbo and the torque range between 300 and 410Nm, getting you where you need to go at suitable speeds.

As mentioned in our MAN TGE Tipper review, the MAN TGE has a 3270mm load length across steel flooring, benefiting from the single-stage ram and scissor mechanism.

2100mm wide for easy loading, the 400mm sideboards are made from lightweight aluminium, allowing you to seamlessly load your vehicle and secure all of the materials you might need on your working day.

The electric eTGE Tipper, however, boasts an all-electric engine with low running costs, and zero emissions while offering a smooth, noise-free ride.

As mentioned in our eTGE Tipper review, the eTGE Tipper can be charged quickly at a DC charging station, using an AC wall box (which will fully charge it in just five and a half hours) or even using a 23 V socket (which can fully charge it in nine hours).

At full charge, the vehicle delivers an impressive range of about 70 miles depending on driving conditions, making it perfect for urban driving.

When it comes to payload, as the batteries are all stored under the floor, the internal capacity of the eTGE is exactly the same as the diesel engine version, but there is a choice of two different payloads.

You can have your MAN eTGE with a choice of either a 3.5-tonne or 4.25-tonne payload. There will be no actual difference between the two as far as the physical van is concerned, but don’t be surprised if you pay more for the ability to carry more weight.

The absolute maximum payload of the diesel-powered MAN TGE Tipper, however, is 2,515kg.


If you are looking for an interior that is both comfortable and spacious, then the MAN TGE Tipper and the eTGE are strong contenders to consider. While the interior of the electric eTGE remains similar to its diesel counterpart, there are several differences to be aware of.

The biggest difference is the transmission and displays, which are adapted for the electric vehicle.

Both the MAN TGE Tipper and the eTGE Tipper offer a number of Interior features including the MAN Media Van radio system, with a 5″ TFT screen, USB connection and Bluetooth capabilities.

So, if a comfortable and spacious tipper with a range of technology features appeals to you, then both the MAN TGE Tipper and eTGE are more than able to deliver this.

The Verdict/Snap shot

While both the MAN TGE tipper and the eTGE Tipper are packed full of benefits, the best van for you will ultimately come down to your individual needs and preferences.

If you are looking for a reliable and strong diesel-powered tipper with a high payload, then the diesel-powered MAN TGE Tipper could be the van for you. However, if you are looking for an environmentally-friendly alternative with lower running costs and zero emissions, then the eTGE Tipper is a sure choice for you.

Both the MAN TGE Tipper and the eTGE Tipper are available to buy on finance at Van Sales UK for an affordable and cost-effective solution.

To discover more impressive vans, take a look through our catalogue of new vans that we have available at Van Sales UK today. Or, to speak to a member of our friendly team, contact us here today.


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