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The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Luton Vans

October 1st, 2022

A Luton van is a type of box van characterised by the way the body extends over the cab. Its name stems from the fact that the plant where it was first produced was located in Luton, Bedfordshire. Today, it is widely favoured by professionals, such as delivery and removal companies, due to its ample storage space. Lutons also tend to have a thin shell manufactured from reinforced plastic or fibreglass – extremely strong yet lightweight materials – making them far lighter than panel vans of a similar size.

Best for Business

Thanks to the extra room granted by the extended body, Luton vans tend to be popular amongst companies who require plenty of storage space in their vehicles. Here are just some of the professions that benefit greatly from the use of Luton vans:

  • Delivery companies: Luton vans are one of the main choices for delivery services because they are so lightweight and provide a large storage area which is easily accessible via twin rear doors or a roller shutter door.
  • Removal companies: Luton vans are also favoured by furniture removal companies, who can be expected to carry anything from small boxes of ornaments to fridges or sofas. Lugging heavy furniture into a van is no easy task, which is another reason why Lutons are so ideal as they are available in a variety of configurations to suit such demands.


Tail Lifts

Many Luton vans come with tail lifts – a mechanically-operated platform mounted at the rear of the vehicle that can load or unload heavier items. Generally, they can carry loads of up to 500kg. Whilst a tail lift significantly cuts down on the manpower required for a manual labour job, it does also mean that due to the weight of the tail lift itself, the overall weight capacity of the van is reduced by approximately 250kg.

Low Loaders

There are also a number of low loading Lutons available, wherein the van has a loading height of 550mm from the floor. Naturally, the ability to step up into the van makes loading or unloading jobs far more efficient. Should this pose a problem, ramps can be fitted for particularly heavy jobs.

Types of Luton Vans

Most mainstream van manufacturers have their own model of Luton, with some of the most popular being the Ford Transit, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Nissan Interstar. Most of the biggest models have reasonable specs and long-lasting engines, so when choosing a Luton van to purchase, the main deciding factor tends to be the cost. If you’re searching for a van that is not only reasonably priced but also very reliable, the Ford Transit is a great option, with its popularity speaking for itself.

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