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Tipper – Mercedes-Benz eSprinter vs Renault Master Z.E

April 20th, 2023

With an increased importance placed upon the environment, and reducing our carbon emissions, many businesses are choosing to switch to electric vehicles. Whether you run a small business, or own a fleet of vehicles, considering electric options could be the way forward. Electric cars are highly efficient, contribute less damage to the environment and are extremely practical, especially for commercial use.

Mercedes, are a prestigious brand, producing high quality, sleek and efficient vehicles, and the eSprinter is a prime example of this. With its electric upgrade, this van is also eco-friendly.. Similarly, Renault have produced a high quality, all-rounder of a van that is environmentally conscious too.

Both Mercedes and Renault are known for producing reliable and sturdy cars. If you are considering switching to a more eco-friendly vehicle choice, these electric vans are brilliant options for your business.

Engines and Spec

The Mercedes-Benz eSprinter comes with two battery options, a 41 or a 55 kW-hr, and retains an electric traction output of 85 kW. This gives the eSprinter a range of approximately 100 km, however this is entirely dependent on the driving conditions. The eSprinter offers a generous 3320mm by 2040mm cargo, which is able to easily tip out loads at your will.

In comparison to the Renault Master Z.E, the eSprinter has a lower range of mileage, with the Master Z.E having a range of 126 miles. The Renault has an electric engine which is great for cutting down on emissions, and it holds a motor power output of 57kW. This allows the Master Z.E to be driven through clean air zones with no problems. The Renault is a great van to be driving around today, as it has a good range and it is more environmentally friendly than many other vehicles.

The payload of electric vehicles is not always brilliant, but with the eSprinter, we have a payload of 1,100 kg, and an even more generous 1,740 kg. These are both good payloads for electric vehicles, making them useful, and hefty vans. The eSprinter from Mercedes is the largest model offered within the Mercedes van range, meaning it is practical for heavy loads. The Renault Master Z.E also has a range of desirable features that are designed for efficiency, including its payload and running costs.


The interior of the eSprinter is nice and comfy for its driver, and passengers. It can come as a three person or a six person seater, you can choose between a single cab or double cab option, depending on the number of passengers you will have. The newer eSprinter models have great new features such as voice control and a geocoded map system.

The eSprinter is great for a quiet drive too. With a relatively quiet engine, this van is great for quiet driving and a silent cab experience.

Similarly, the Renault Master Z.E is a great contender for space and comfort, for both driver and passenger. Leg room and adjustable seating will not be of concern in this van. With adjustment options on both, and additionally on the headrest, the comfort of the Master Z.E is designed for professionals.

There are a variety of updated tech items in the Master Z.E too, such as a multimedia touch screen, automatic headlights and automatic wipers too. There are fully functioning parking sensors and a permanent rear view camera, which optimise safety and the drivers awareness of their surroundings. The parcel shelf on the Renault Master Z.E also makes it extremely easy to load up, even with heavier and bulkier items.

The Verdict

Overall, the Mercedes-Benz eSprinter and the Renault Master Z.E are brilliant choices if you are considering switching to electric vehicles. With upgraded tech features on both, and comfort being high in both vans, they are both valid options for your business.

The Mercedes Benz eSprinter has a range of pros:

  • Good cab variety
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Carries a large amount of cargo

Similarly, there are pros that apply to the Renault Master Z.E too:

  • Fully electric and highly economical
  • Additional storage room
  • Tech gadgets are good for longer drives and safety

These vans have a range of great qualities, and each one has pros that are worth considering if you are searching for your next business vehicle.

For any enquiries regarding either of the Mercedes Benz eSprinter or the Renault Master Z.E, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Van Sales UK. We will be happy to answer any questions, or guide you through our range of vehicles to help you find the best one for you.


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