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What Can You Carry With A Transit Tipper?

What Can You Carry With A Transit Tipper - Van Sales UK
December 7th, 2023

Perhaps the most recognisable van model in the world, there are all manner of reasons to acquire the famous Ford Transit, and the Tipper variant may prove an ideal match. Especially designed for the quick and easy transport of materials, goods and items, tipper functionality is just the tip of the iceberg. Within this comprehensive blog post, we’ll look to guide you through some of the more prominent options when utilising the considerable payload – from aggregates to components specific to your job. Trust Vanaways for crucial top tips and unmatched value. .

An Overview

Simply put, Transit Tipper vehicles are an essential for tradespeople around the country – especially when it comes to carrying materials in bulk. The Ford Transit is often described as a construction worker’s best friend, and this is just one of many van types to retain a tipper variant – though there are lots more to explore throughout our site. Tippers are able to quickly and easily empty the contents of their rear onto the ground or into a skip via a functional tipping motion (hence the name), and this isn’t the only variable to expect.

Aggregate Materials

Aggregates are often carried by a tipper van, allowing for easy drop-off. Whether wood chippings, stone remnants or items which have been cut to length, the low suspension and functional tipping motion of a Transit van are an excellent match. Necessary for those times when aggregates need to be transported a distance greater than one end of your site to another, browse our complete Tipper section and discover extra perks.

Rubbish Or Waste

If you operate within the waste management or moving sector, there’s a high likelihood that you’ve had to handle some less-than-ideal materials and items in your time  – with the Transit Tipper a viable solution. Once loaded into an adaptable tipper option, you’re able to easily operate the tipper function via remote. Just as easy if you’re looking to unload waste at a recycling plant, this extra vehicle feature ensures you won’t always have to get your hands dirty.

Job-Specific Objects And Items

Transport job-specific items and objects thanks to the capable payload of a Transit Tipper. On the higher-end of the scale when it comes to payload capabilities, the Ford Transit’s regular updates ensure it leads the pack. Whether a plumber, carpenter or independent tradesman, there’s something for everyone to benefit from when viewing this capable van model.

At Vanaways, we ensure that all our brand new van offers include free UK delivery, therefore whether you’re leasing or purchasing, we deliver new vehicles direct to your business or home address. Get in touch with our expert sales team today to exchange your current tipper van for a brand new commercial Transit van or Transit custom model!


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