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Citroen e-Relay Dropside vs Ford e-Transit Dropside

March 9th, 2023

As more and more clean air zones pop up around the country, and we inch closer to the 2035 target of zero emissions from new cars, it has never been a better time to jump in and get your hands on an electric van. Electric vans are more popular than ever, as manufacturers invest their money wisely and create models that can easily keep up with their diesel counterparts, but with the benefits of zero emissions.

Dropside vans are popular body types for businesses that need to transport their goods frequently, so loading and unloading need to be as swift as possible. A dropside van is helpful in these scenarios as the sides can drop down, allowing an individual or team to unload goods from all angles quickly and efficiently.

Here at Van Sales UK, we have a great selection of electric dropside vans on offer. We have so many it can be hard to choose, so we have put together this helpful guide comparing two that we love.

The Citroen Relay has been a popular light commercial vehicle since it was first released around 30 years ago. Since then it has gone through numerous generations and facelifts and the e-Relay came onto the market in the last few years. Another extremely popular van is the Ford Transit, so famous that most people refer to many light commercial vehicles as ‘transit vans’ instead of their true name. In 2020, Ford built on their popular brand with the e-Transit.

Read on to find out more about these two vans.

Engines and Spec

The Citroen E-Relay dropside is powered by either a 35kWh or a 74 kWH battery, which can provide a range of up to 154 miles on a full charge, depending on conditions. The dropside body has an internal length and width of 3059 by 2026mm, giving it a generous payload of 1.4 tonnes. To secure payloads you can make use of three level lashing rails, as well as a 400kg gantry capacity. Find out more about the e-Relay here.

The Ford e-Transit has a range of battery types available depending on your needs. For the dropside variant, we recommend the 198kW power output, which can give the equivalent to 269hp. As your dropside will potentially be carrying large loads, a bigger battery is recommended to give you the performance you desire. On a full charge, you can expect a range of just under 200 miles, but like most vans this will depend on various conditions, such as payload, road conditions and driving style. The battery takes around 8 hours to recharge, but the fast charging option can help to recover up to 80% in just half an hour!


People loved the original Transit due to the capable and comfortable interior. You’ll be pleased to hear this has translated into the electric version, with a comfortable interior that has plenty of storage and room to spread out. Most of this extra space is made possible due to the lack of a gearbox and handbrake. The transmission is instead controlled by a dial below the steering wheel. Find out more in our full e-Transit dropside review.

Inside the e-Relay you can expect plenty of space, with seats for a driver and two additional passengers to sit comfortably inside. There is also plenty of storage available on all sides of you, perfect for any documentation or other items you may need.  There is plenty of legroom especially due to the van having no gear stick. Instead it has 3 buttons for drive, neutral and reverse instead. Vital information such as battery level is innovatively  shown in the rearview mirror instead of on an instrument cluster like in a regular fuel vehicle.

The Verdict

Now that you’ve found out a bit more about both types of vans, it’s time to get your hands on one! Here at Van Sales UK, we stock a great range of vehicles, including both the Citroen e-Relay and Ford e-Transit Dropside. In our Citroen e-Relay range, we have the Dropside, as well as a tipper, Luton, low loader and three lengths of panel van. If you’re after an e-Transit, our range includes the dropside as well as a tipper, Luton and three different panel van options.

Shopping with Van Sales UK is great because we offer free fast delivery nationwide, so you can get your hands on your new van in no time at all. We also offer free breakdown cover and a great warranty. Get your van how you want, with finance, leasing and part exchange welcome.

If you’d like to find out more about the range of vehicles we have on offer, message us today to talk with one of our friendly and helpful staff.


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