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Fiat E-Ducato vs Renault Master Z.E.

March 1st, 2023

Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint by investing in an electric van conversion, but don’t want to compromise on loading capabilities and need one that can manage relatively long journeys? If so, then we’ve got two vans in mind that may be ideal for you.

The vans in question are the Fiat E-Ducato and the Renault Master Z.E., both of which tick the aforementioned criteria thus far. Keep reading as we go on to compare the two, giving insight into how they perform and the particular quirks that each possess, helping you to decide which may be better suited to your driving needs.

Engines and Spec

Starting first and foremost with the power capacity each van offers, with the Fiat E-Ducato, there is the option to have either a 47kWh 3-modules battery, which offers a range of 108 miles, or a more powerful 79kWh 5-modules battery, which offers an even more impressive 175 miles of driving range (based on the WLTP combined range figures).

In comparison, the Renault Master Z.E. only comes with a capacity of 52kWh, offering up to 126 miles of driving range on a full charge. These figures are all dependent on other factors, however. For example, the Master Z.E. can manage a distance of 98 miles with a full payload, yet this is only if you stick to 20mph, if you are instead driving at its (limited) top speed of 55mph, then this range is reduced significantly to 65 miles.

Of course, when you take into account the regenerative braking properties that both these vans offer, then this does help to extend the range further even with higher payloads, which is why they’re so well suited to driving in busy urban areas.

Whilst both perform comparatively well in terms of driving range, the E-Ducato does have a slight edge when it comes to charging. This is because Renault do not offer DC fast charging for any of their Master Z.E. vans, whilst with the E-Ducato this can get the charge up to 80% in 50 minutes for the 3 module battery and 1hr 25 minutes for the 5 module.

As for standard 7kW AC charging, the Master Z.E. redeems itself by only taking 6 hours to charge, while the E-Ducato takes 7 hrs 50 minutes when charging the smaller battery. As for the larger battery, this can be charged in 4 hrs 50 minutes, but this is only with an 11kW AC charger since there is no option to charge it with the standard 7kW.


When it comes to ample loading space, both these vans are high performers. The Master Z.E. has a generous loading area of 2,583mm x 1,765mm x 1,700mm along with an impressive payload of up to 1,490kg. Looking at the E-Ducato, this boasts even more loading space with an area of 3120mm x 1870mm x 1662mm, then a slightly lower payload of 1,160kg (these figures are based on the smallest length and height van models both offer, each with a GVW of 3.5 tonnes).

Moving on to the cabin areas, the E-Ducato comes with two trim options: the standard and the eTechnico – the latter of which you can read more about in our Fiat E-Ducato review. To keep things fair, we will only be comparing standard trims, which for the Fiat includes a 5 inch touchscreen infotainment system, lumbar support, a tablet holder, heated mirrors and plentiful storage options.

The one thing that may take some time to get used to, however, is the gear stick and driving mode button, which is placed behind the gear stick in a slightly illogical position. This is instead much more intuitive in the cabin of the Z.E. Master, whose interior is extremely functional, albeit slightly uninspired. One feature that is particularly useful is that their multimedia system, though small, comes with Media Nav Eolution and smartphone integration as standard.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a van that is spacious, has a high payload and can manage a decent range before needing to be recharged, then both of these vans are well-suited. Both come in a multitude of lengths, heights and conversions, so you can really tailor them to your specific needs.

If you’re looking for convenient loading solutions, the Master Z.E. does have some extra attributes that we think elevate it that tad further, which we mention in our Renault Master Z.E. review. As for those who are looking for a van that can manage a day full of busy and last minute deliveries, the Fiat E-Ducato is ideal both in and out of urban areas.

As with most electric vans, both of these are expensive to buy outright. Thankfully, you don’t have to, as Van Sales UK has them in stock, brand new and available on finance – complete with manufacturer’s warranty.

Enquire today to learn more and see what low-rate finance options we can offer you.


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